Michelle Obama doesn’t know which Chris Chris Evans is

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Michelle Obama has been promoting her organization When We All Vote and encouraging Americans to not only vote but get involved in the political process. She recently did a collaboration with black owned business The Lip Bar, helping promote Bawse Voter, a power red matte lipstick in which partial profits go to WWAV.

Forever FLOTUS Michelle O appeared on the Black Frasier podcast hosted by 2 Dope Queens alum and comedienne, Phoebe Robinson. During the podcast she played a classier version of FMK called Vacation, Quarantine, Zoom where she had to choose which Chris (Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, or Chris Rock) she’d vacation, quarantine or Zoom with. The segment became hilarious when she had to ask which one was Chris Evans, who coincidentally had a NSFW mishap last week on his Instagram. Here are some quotes from EW:

Appearing on the Black Frasier podcast on Friday with host Phoebe Robinson, the Becoming author was asked to choose between Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans, and Chris Rock in a game of Vacation, Quarantine, Zoom (a “classier” version of F—, Marry, Kill). Her immediate reply was: “OK, all right. Now, who’s Chris Evans again?”

Once she was made aware he was the one who plays Captain America, she chose him as the Chris she would go on vacation with, a choice that has only become more popular ever since the actor’s recent NSFW social media gaffe (though this episode was taped before Evans unintentionally shared more of himself than expected with his Instagram followers).

[From EW]

So many people say the Chrises (the white ones specifically) are interchangeable. They are not. They are very different and I stand by that. With that being said, I disagree with Michelle, I think Chris Evans would be a great Quarantine buddy. I think there’d be a lot of snuggling, cooking and pranks. I’d probably vacation with Chris Rock because it would just be a fun damn time and Chris Hemsworth would be the Zoom call. I still can’t get a read on his personality but he is nice on the eyes.

At least Michelle recognized Chris’s most iconic role so it is not a complete wash. Now it would be cool to see them do an interview with each other about their political endeavors. It was also cute how Michelle and Phoebe thought of each other as honorary cousins because they share a surname. I really miss Michelle O. and seeing her this often the last few months has been a sort of balm in this chaotic climate. Plus she is out here living her best life, wearing her hair natural, and looking moisturized. Which Chris would you Quarantine, Vacation or Zoom with?

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