Michelle Keegan teases husband Mark Wright over his ‘radio voice’ that he ‘puts on’ as pair isolate together

Michelle Keegan teased her husband Mark Wright over his "radio voice" that he "puts on" when she dropped into his new weeknight Heart evening show on Tuesday.

Mark asked his wife Michelle to point out the most annoying thing he has been doing as he works from home during the coronavirus pandemic, while live on air.

The Our Girl actress, 32, said that he uses a different voice than normal when he’s working and doing his radio show, with Mark joking that she was “killing him off” with the revelation.

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Speaking on his show, 33 year old Mark said: “Working from home like many of us, and working from home means people are seeing very different sides to their partners right?

“Swearing less, swearing more, using work terms at home, my mate right, he heard his wife say the other day, “let’s touch base tomorrow”, he’s never heard her say that before, it was very cringey apparently.

“I think I’ve been alright, I don’t think I’ve been any different or annoying. One person who can confirm that though is my wife Michelle of course, she’s here with me all day everyday.”

Speaking to his wife, the former TOWIE star said: “Babe, you’re sitting here now listening to the show, what are the most annoying things you would say I’ve been doing?”

Former Coronation Street star Michelle replied: “Uh well, to be fair you’ve actually been alright, but you have been doing the radio at home and you have got a bit of a “radio voice”, you do put that voice on, I don’t know where it’s come from, it works, it works, but you have got a bit of a radio voice.”

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Mark then said: “You know what I love about this, I said to her, do not tell me what you are going to say.”

Michelle continued to elaborate as she said: “It’s like a phone voice, you know when you were younger you heard your mum and dad on the phone, that’s what you do for radio.”

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Defending himself, Mark said: “But you have to, you can’t just talk like “oh babe just get me a cup of tea.”

However, Michelle exclaimed: “You don’t talk like that either, I don’t know where that voice has come from!”, to which Mark said: “She’s absolutely killing me off here on the radio!”

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