Michael Blackson's Saga of Running Out of Gas Includes Help from Enemy

Michael Blackson learned 2 very valuable life lessons … and it all went down at a gas station.

The comedian’s saga is full of twists and turns and eventual triumph, so buckle up. We got Mike at a Shell Station in L.A. after noticing he had some car trouble, and he tells us he made a boneheaded mistake as old as Karl Benz‘s first automobile — he ran out of gas.

Blackson says he didn’t believe it when his luxury car was telling him he needed to fill up his tank … and his Rolls stopped rolling at a nearby intersection.

What happened next is equal parts hilarious and pathetic — but hey, Michael admits he’s not a handyman — and he was left completely clueless as to how to remedy his dire situation.

That’s when he turned to an unlikely source for some help in his time of need, especially for a Philadelphia Eagles fan … a man wearing a Dallas Cowboys shirt.

It was a wise move though because the kind Cowboys fan turned out to be hella resourceful … and got Blackson all gassed up and back on the road. He might have made a new friend too.

So, what are the lessons learned here for the comedian? 1) Love your enemies … and 2) Go get gas as soon as your damn light comes on.

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