Mexico Has Ted Bundy-Like Serial Killer on the Loose, Says Prosecutor

ted bundy

A serial killer on the U.S. and Mexico border seems like a Ted Bundy copycat, at least to the Mexican authorities desperately trying to hunt him down.

So far, cops believe the murderer has snuffed out 3 Tijuana sex workers — women he targeted in strip clubs, lured back to a hotel room … and then performed violent sexual acts before killing them.

Baja California (Mexico) Attorney General Ricardo Iván Carpio Sánchez told reporters Friday … “This subject has criminal tendencies associated with violent and psychopathic behavior. His profile is very similar to someone who became very well-known decades ago: Ted Bundy.”

They also suspect the killer is American. Tijuana is just over the California border.

Bundy confessed to abducting and murdering 30 women and girls across the United States from 1974 to 1978. He was later captured and executed by the state of Florida in 1989.

Carpio says they do have the name of one possible suspect. They’re not saying it publicly, yet, but he says they’ve shared the info with U.S. law enforcement, including the FBI, so they can coordinate efforts to capture him.

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