Meri Brown Shades Christine Over “Mediocre” Cooking Show

For the most part, people have had nothing but praise for Christine Brown’s new cooking show.

Christine’s recipes are delicious, and mostly, people are just rooting for her to live her best life.

One person seems less thrilled, and maybe even downright bitter, about Cooking With Just Christine.

Did Meri just call Christine a mediocre copycat? Because it sure looks like it.

Meri Brown seems to be in a deeply shady mood.

Her recent Instagram Story post includes a quote from one of the shadiest people in history — Oscar Wilde himself.

“Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery that mediocrity can pay to greatness,” the quote reads. 

In another post, Meri made another allusion to the idea of someone trying to “imitate” her “greatness.”

“I don’t worry about people ‘copying’ me,” she quipped.

“Your next move can’t happen till I make mine,” Meri wrote. “You’ll be behind.”

Meri also drew a winking face, referred to herself as an “OG,” and tagged her friend Jen.

Why Jen? Because Meri does her own cooking videos with Jen as her co-star.

That, fans think, is why Meri appears to be trying to bitterly gatekeep the concept of a cooking show from Christine.

Christine’s new spinoff isn’t exactly taking up the Sister Wives timeslot — or anyone else’s.

It is a TLC web series, helping viewers to keep up with Christine.

Instead of having drama with Kody or grappling with the logistics of plural marriage, viewers get to watch her cook with a guest.

Obviously, this does mean that Christine gets a smaller viewership than the main show.

We’re talking about a short-but-sweet cooking segment.

It’s not messy drama with emotional stakes. But there are upsides to that.

There are no villains on cooking shows (well … not this one, anyway), no shady editing.

This means that people can enjoy Christine just doing normal things — because she has a lot of devoted fans who are happy for her.

At the same time, they can learn some delicious recipes that they can try for themselves.

For example, Christine’s white lasagna had viewers head over heels.

While some of us would have to tinker with the recipe (that’s a “no” on mushrooms for me, for example), that in and of itself is easy to do.

Christine even highlighted the ease of substitutions, noting how she used poultry seasoning on beef because she does not eat pork and thus did not include sausage.

But speaking of beef … why is Meri apparently feeling this much contempt?

Fans are already dragging her for this apparent bitter resentment over a cooking show.

After all … cooking is a super normal activity. Nobody “owns” cooking or the idea of a cooking show.

We’re not going to sit here and psychanalyze Meri and her underlying motivations, but plenty of fans have already been taking a shot at it.

Some think that she is in some ways jealous of Christine for having the courage to just ditch Kody.

Others think that it’s less complicated than that … and Meri just doesn’t like hearing Christine praised when she has her own gig.

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