Mel B blames Victoria Beckham after baring cleavage at Prince William

Mel B discusses meeting Prince William with Piers Morgan

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Mel B’s MBE brooch, which she received to acknowledge her work raising awareness of domestic violence, had to be pinned onto her chest by Prince William at last year’s ceremony. Mel hadn’t been aware of where it would be placed, but is convinced Victoria Beckham knew when she decided to create a dress that revealed her cleavage.

Talking on the US TV show Live With Ryan and Kelly, she explained: “Victoria designed my dress for the occasion – and she put a big slit right there. I was like, ‘Oh, sorry!’”

Revealing that the experience had been “embarrassing”, she explained: “Victoria knew… she knew. I think she did a number on me.”

She added of her trip to Buckingham Palace: “I didn’t realise [the award brooch] goes on your chest.”

It hadn’t been her first encounter with Prince William, as she’d already met him previously when she was in the Spice Girls.

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Back in 1997, the prince had even prepared a meal for her – peanut butter on toast – which she tucked into after she and the other girls were whisked away to the royal residence Highgrove by helicopter.

Mel had later divulged the information on an episode of Graham Norton’s talk show.

On this latest occasion, in 2022, he’d greeted her with a “how are you”, but according to Mel, seemed unsure of why she was being recognised for an MBE.

“[He said]: ‘So, why are you here, is it Spice Girls?’” she recalled, “and I was like, ‘I wish we were getting an MBE for the Spice Girls!’”

When she explained it was for her domestic abuse campaigning work, the prince requested more details – but she declined to elaborate.

“I’m thinking, there’s a line behind that wants their medals, I don’t think we’ve time!” she exclaimed.

Despite her “embarrassment” over the bright red cleavage-baring dress Victoria had designed for her meeting with the prince, Mel has a history of not being too shy with the royals.

On an earlier meeting with Prince Charles in the 1990s, she’d boldly asked him if she could score an invite to dinner, and even recommended that he follow in her footsteps by having his tongue pierced.

Mel and Geri Halliwell, known as Ginger Spice, also breached royal protocol by giving him kisses on the cheek.

The prince was not offended by her brazen tone, later describing the first time he’d met them as the “greatest moment” of his life.

Meanwhile, Geri had been even braver, admitting to giving him a “pat” on his bottom when they met.

Less than three months after Princess Diana’s death, Prince Charles and the young Prince Harry – then just 13 years old – met the Spice Girls again at a concert in Johannesburg.

Mel wore the then iconic hightop trainers which the group had helped make famous, along with a silver two-piece outfit, and posed with bandmate Emma Bunton right beside Harry.

Meanwhile, in more recent times, Victoria has also been honoured by Prince William, receiving an OBE from him in 2017.

She notably wore a much more demure, loose fitting long-sleeved dress in comparison to the tight and cleavage-baring number she’d chosen for Mel B.

Meanwhile, Mel’s recent appearance on Live With Ryan and Kelly was arranged to promote her appearance on the reality TV show Special Forces: World’s Toughest Test.

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