Meghan McCain described her Manhattan neighborhood as a ‘war zone’

I love it when Karens like Meghan McCain get called out on their obvious crap. It happens to Meghan “MY FATHER” McCain all the time. She’ll say something awful or racist or privileged or tone-deaf or all of the above, then she’ll quickly have her ass handed to her, usually one minute later. I know exactly how Meghan sees herself, as some great defender of white people and “real” conservatism. A defender of cops, a defender of bombing millions of brown people, a defender of white privilege. That kind of person. So Meghan lives in New York because she works at The View. Poor Meghan left her home briefly yesterday and she was shocked to find Manhattan looking like a WAR ZONE.

If that seems out-of-touch and like it’s a complete lie, you would be correct. A woman named Kristen Bartlett responded to Meghan – Bartlett is the co-head writer for Full Frontal with Samantha Bee. This was her response:

— Kristen Bartlett (@kristencheeks) June 2, 2020

Yeah. You know what I also think is remarkable? I expect this kind of “false witness” sh-t from Meghan McCain, but the New York Times is really f–king up their reporting on the protests. It’s like all of the stories are being written by white people in bunkers who think that every American city is going to “fall” to “looters.”

— Michael Li 李之樸 (@mcpli) June 2, 2020

First the headline—may I suggest "After criminalizing lawful assembly, police spent another night beating the shit out of many protestors across the city"

— Mikki Halpin (@mikkipedia) June 3, 2020

— Mikki Halpin (@mikkipedia) June 3, 2020

Screencaps from The View.

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