Meet Yellowstone star Luke Grimes' wife Bianca

Meet Luke Grimes’ wife Bianca Rodrigues Grimes, Brazilian model who lives with Yellowstone star in Montana

  • The 39-year-old actor married the model, 27, in November 2018
  • They live in Montana – the filming location of Yellowstone 
  • She’s an animal lover – and her two cats have their own Instagram account

Luke Grimes has been open about his role in Yellowstone as well as his growing music career – but not much is known about his wife of five years, Bianca Rodrigues Grimes. 

The two married in November 2018 and moved to Montana, which is where Yellowstone is filmed.

The actor, 39, has not spoken much about Bianca, 27, other than through social media posts, but he voiced his devotion to her during a July 2023 interview with USA Today:

‘I just wanted to make it very clear. I’m a very married person and I love my wife to death. We’ll be together forever.’

So, just who is his forever person?

Bianca Rodrigues Grimes and Luke Grimes tied the knot on November 21, 2018, and live in Montana

Bianca is not regularly active on social media, but has posted several selfies

Bianca was a successful model in Brazil before relocating to the US to pursue career opportunities. She’s posted several images of herself during photoshoots on her Instagram

Who is Bianca Rodrigues Grimes?

Bianca is a Brazilian model who moved to the US to pursue more modeling opportunities. 

Most of the modeling photos posted on her Instagram are outdoor shots taken on location in California and Brazil. 

She doesn’t credit her modeling agency, but has tagged photographers and makeup artists in the images.

She has not posted many modeling shots recently, but stays busy with projects outside the fashion industry. 

She and Luke share two Bengal cats named Buck and Zelda. She’s posted multiple photos of the animals on her Instagram 

She is an animal lover

There may have been fewer swimsuit shots lately, but Bianca is letting her followers on Instagram see plenty of her two feline friends – Buck and Zelda.

The Bengal cats have been spotted multiple times on her social media, and even have their own Instagram account: @buckandzelda.

Their Instagram bio states that they are: ‘Livin’ in the meow,’ and they have almost 300 followers.

The cats are playful and love lounging on chairs and couches near windows, looking out at the idyllic Montana scenery.

They also love to play, and a 2021 video shows one of them jumping high in the air for a gray toy mouse.

Her cats have a separate Instagram page under the handle @buckandzelda, which includes photos and videos of both cats in the Montana home

She loves to travel

The model and her husband live in Montana, but they also own an airstream travel trailer that they like to take on road trips. 

Bianca has shared several photos on of their trips – including one to Taos, New Mexico, in July 2021.

Other saved stories come from different states – including New York, Tennessee, Texas, and Nevada.

One Montana location she enjoys for a ‘quick getaway’ is The Green O – a luxury resort she raved about in November 2022.

She can also be found lounging on beaches, going out to restaurants, or rock climbing.  

She is a supportive friend and wife

Luke’s star is beginning to rise in the music industry, and Bianca is enjoying every minute of it.

According to Rolling Stone, she and Luke listen to music together, and are huge fans of country singer Colter Wall.

Bianca had the chance to meet their idol in July 2021, and referred to him as: ‘An amazing and down to Earth guy.’ 

She’s also there for Luke for when he walks the red carpet, and for his musical performances.

Bianca has made several social media posts over the years with her husband that include birthday and anniversary tributes both at their Montana home and while traveling

Luke recently performed at the 2023 Stagecoach Festival on April 30, and posted an Instagram photo of the two of them kissing on stage with the caption: ‘To the only one that really matters’

Bianca was spotted supporting him during his Stagecoach Festival debut on April 30 in Indio, California, and it didn’t go unnoticed by fans… or Luke.

The actor posted a photo of him and Bianca at the festival during his set with the caption: ‘To the only one that really matters.’

Other photos on her account include shots of the pair on the red carpet, and celebrating birthdays and wedding anniversaries. 

The couple don’t have children together or from any previous relationships. 

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