Meek Mill’s Mystery Baby Mama Allegedly Exposed

It was previously reported that the ‘Tupac Back’ rapper has got a woman, who is not his ex Milan Harris, pregnant, which was reportedly why he announced his separation from the fashion entrepreneur.

AceShowbiz -Ever since report surfaced that Meek Mill is expecting a child with a woman who is not his baby mama Milan Harris a.k.a. Milano Di Rouge, there had been no word on who the woman is, until now. Onsite, which previously broke the news of the rapper possibly going to be a father again, reveals the woman whom many people have been speculating to be Meek’s latest baby mama.

The said woman, who has been posting pictures of her big baby bump on her Instagram page, recently weighed in on the Birkin debate. Reacting to another user who posted, “Birkin nags are supposed to be rare and expensive I just know Hermes is mad that it’s become a black rapper babymum accessory,” she commented, “fyi happy h**s ain’t hating.”

The entertainment news blog later clarified that it’s not confirming the identity of Meek’s alleged baby mama, but simply wrote that she’s “the woman folks have been whispering to be pregnant with Meek’s incoming baby” and reported her recent comment on the Birkin debate.

However, the pregnant woman, who lists her profession as a luxury real estate agent in Beverly Hills, has denied any tie to the Philadelphia native. The woman commented on Onsite’s post, “I want my pictures deleted period it’s disrespectful & deformation of my character, this is hurtful to all parties especially being I’ve never been involved with this man!”

Back in July, Meek announced his breakup from Milan, just two months after welcoming their son. Shortly afterwards, it was reported that he might have got another woman pregnant before he announced his split from Milan.

Rumor had it that the “Going Bad” hitmaker wanted the world to know that he and Milan are not together anymore before news leaked to public that he is expecting a baby with another woman. That way, he hopes that he won’t be bashed online.

A following report said that the mystery baby mama is a white girl, who is described as having a strong resemblance to Kim Kardashian. Meek, however, remains mum on the rumor.

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