Max Ehrich Sings About Falling In Love on New Song, ‘Afraid’

Max Ehrich is opening up about his brand new song, called “Afraid”.

In his interview with Billboard, the 29-year-old singer revealed that the track was written while he was still with former fiance, Demi Lovato.

Max and Demi just went through a very public, and messy breakup at the end of the summer.

The track, Max says, goings through the emotions of falling in love.

“I hope ‘Afraid’ will help people allow themselves to be vulnerable,” Max shared. “I recorded this song as I was falling in love. It speaks of all the emotions that I was going through at that time. The simplicity of the piano totally brings it home for me. It’s beyond fulfilling to be able to release these feelings in a song.”

You can watch the official video for the track below:

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