Mason Ramsey Shares Optimistic New Single 'Next Right Thing'

Mason Ramsey recently released his latest single, “Next Right Thing,” via Atlantic Records.

“In life, it is easy for things to go wrong but it is always important that we do the next right thing,” Ramsey said in a press release.

Ramsey, Kendall Goodman and Brandan Day co-wrote the song’s optimistic and positivity-filled lyrics.

The accompanying video, produced by Working Holiday, shows Ramsey performing the song with a pair of backup singers and strumming an electric guitar, rocking a black leather jacket and wingtip shoes.

“When life goes wrong / Yeah, life goes on,” Ramsey sings ahead of the chorus of the song. “When I run outta road almost on E / I roll my windows down, and I catch the breeze / I’m on the move ain’t got time to think / All that’s left to do is the next right thing.”

(Photo: Atlantic Records)

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