Married At First Sight star engaged after slamming show and cheating on TV wife

Married at First Sight star Dean Wells has found love again after his tumultuous experience on the show.

Dean, who initially criticized MAFS as a "total stitch up" and had reservations about marriage due to his on-screen drama, has now become engaged to Aimee Woolley, a fellow reality TV star and Beauty And The Geek contestant.

Dean, now 45 years old, had been part of MAFS and gained notoriety for cheating on his partner Tracey Jewel during the show with co-star Davina Rankin.

His engagement to Aimee marks a new chapter for him, as he proposed in a stunning desert setting with a camel as the backdrop.

Reflecting on his past MAFS experience, Dean stated that meeting Aimee renewed his faith in genuine love. He told The Wash Online: "MAFS is different for everyone but for me, it was a total stitch-up and left me with a bitter taste about marriage.

"I was a bit scarred from the experience but when I met Aimee she renewed my faith in real, honest, true love.

"She is the sweetest, funniest, craziest and most genuine person I have ever met."

Aimee, who is 24 years old, also shared her excitement for the next step in their relationship. Having gained attention on Beauty And The Geek, Aimee expressed that she was drawn to Dean for all the right reasons, adding: "You can never keep me away from a bad boy. They tried that on Beauty and the Geek and it didn’t work.

"I found my bad boy for all the right reasons.. Love can happen unexpectedly at any time.”

Despite past controversies and drama, Dean and Aimee seem to have found happiness and are ready to start a life together.

Aimee has relocated to Sydney from Tasmania to be with Dean. Their engagement comes after Dean's on-screen affair partner, Davina, moved on and is now also married to a new partner.

Her ex-husband, Ryan Gallagher, opened up about the drama while starring on Australia’s I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here.

He told his campmates: "We were on the honeymoon, and we were intimate and stuff like that. You sort of get lost in the moment."

“As we’re flying back, as we were landing, she goes, ‘You know when we get back we meet other people and you can hook up with anyone’.”

However, Davina chose not to engage in the drama, dismissing it as "irrelevant."

Another MAFS star Olivia Frazer has vowed never to return to her home country Australia after relentless trolling following her stint on the reality TV show. The season nine bride has moved to Scotland and said that her time on the show is partly to blame for her relocation.

The 30-year-old spoke about her decision to move across the world to Yahoo, explaining: "There's a lot more work opportunities and the people are more forgiving.

"It's easier to move on whereas in Australia people hold you to your edit forever."

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