Man Nearly Chokes Jiujitsu Opponent W/ Actual Seat Belt In Insane Video

Screw a cage … two Jiujitsu practitioners fought inside a convertible, and one of the men nearly choked his opponent unconscious using an actual seat belt from the car — and the video is wild!

The competitors were Kalinkin Kir and Leonid Fedorenko … and the event was Punch Club Car Jiujitsu. The location isn’t known … but Russia is a good bet.

The fight started with the two men each sitting in a front seat. When the bell rang, Kir was somehow able to wrap the passenger side seatbelt around Leonid’s neck … as KK squeezed as hard as he could.

The belt looked incredibly tight, but somehow, Leonid didn’t tap and was eventually able to fight out of the position.

The final violent touch … the promotion uses Grand Theft Auto-style text and graphics.

Seatbelts are nothing new in jiujitsu … but not like this.

In traditional jiujitsu, a “seatbelt” is a position of control when the person in the dominant position (top) locks their hands across the chest of the competitor much like a seat belt strap.

Of course, choking your opponent with an actual seat belt is very different.

Car jiujitsu isn’t the only crazy event Punch Club has put on. They’ve also done car MMA and phone booth boxing (it looks exactly like you think it would).

It’s unclear who ultimately won the car jiujitsu fight.

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