MAFS UK star Luke reveals who Porscha kissed during Spin The Bottle

Married At First Sight UK star Luke brands Porscha a ‘cheating b****’ as he reveals who she kissed during unaired game of Spin The Bottle in explosive clip after her husband Terence quit

It’s been an explosive week on Married At First Sight as fans of the show saw one contestant walk away from the social experiment amid cheating claims. 

And as viewers demanded answers over the unaired scenes Luke Worley has branded Porscha Pernnelle a ‘cheating b****’ as he revealed which contestants she kissed after a game of Spin The Bottle caused chaos. 

The duo butted heads in a fiery social media clip, which saw Luke respond to Porscha’s Instagram Story in a bid to clear the air. 

Her husband Terence left the show in dramatic scenes on Wednesday night as he refused to continue his relationship, despite show rules insisting contestants can’t leave until both parties want to.

Porscha had kissed several other contestants during the game, while Terence wasn’t present, with the group left divided on whether Porscha’s actions were cheating. 

Drama: Luke Worley has branded Porscha Pernnelle a ‘cheating b****’ as he revealed which contestants she kissed after a game of Spin The Bottle caused chaos on Married At First Sight

Hitting back: The duo butted heads in a fiery social media clip, which saw Luke respond to Porscha’s Instagram Story in a bid to clear the air

In the clip shared to Instagram after the show, Luke explained that he had taken part in the game along with grooms Paul, Thomas and Nathaniel. 

‘The only boys I kissed was Luke and Tom,’ Porscha said. 

While Luke fired back: ‘Also, you kissed me. So, you definitely kissed three blokes.’

He continued: ‘Me and Paul kissed, me and Nathanial kissed. Me and Thomas kissed. I didn’t use tongues.

‘And I grassed up to your husband, who is one of my closest friends in there, of course I was like “Mate, were you aware you wife is a cheating b**** or not?’ 

Porscha captioned her video: ‘Plus Ella kissed everyone! And Laura and Tasha. Sorry this ain’t going to be the Porscha show, I’m done being gracious to you guys because I see the game now.’

The reaction comes after Wednesday’s episode of the E4 show saw Terence reveal that he wanted to quit the programme.

Each week during the commitment ceremonies, contestants are given the opportunity to ‘stay’ or ‘leave’ their couple during a chat with the experts.

Drama: Her husband Terence left the show in dramatic scenes on Wednesday night as he refused to continue his relationship, despite show rules insisting contestants can’t leave

Speaking out: In the clip, Luke explained that he had taken part in the game along with grooms Paul, Thomas and Nathaniel and Porsha had kissed ‘at least three blokes’

However, if at least one party wants to stay and work on the relationship, then the couple must remain for at least another week until the next ceremony.

Despite this rule, Terence insisted he would be quitting, leaving his wife ‘blindsided’, as she claimed that just minutes before he had been reassuring her.

While the couple’s relationship has been rocky to stay the least, Porscha appeared to be under the impression that they were currently in a good place.

The latest blow came when it emerged that Porscha had kissed several other contestants during a game of spin the bottle, which wasn’t aired.

It was revealed during Tuesday’s episode that the game had taken place without Terence, who was visibly shocked by the news his wife had kissed other people.

Her actions caused a stir at the dinner party, with Georges taking particular offence to the way she had treated her husband.

It resulted in a fiery row across the table, with Porscha begging the group to stop talking about what she had done and move on from it.

However, the row continued into the next day, with it still being a main topic of conversation at the commitment ceremony.

Explaining his reasoning to the experts, Terence said: ‘I thought it was a pride thing, I thought everyone had the upper hand and they were laughing at me.

‘So I was trying to say stay, trying to stay leave, I was toying for ages – it wasn’t until the last minute I made the decision. I’ve taken time by myself and I’ve listened to some of the guys. But, I’m leaving.’

Porscha asked him: ‘So you mean you’re done?’, and he replied: ‘I’m done.’

She added: ‘A relationship can’t work with one right.’

He’s out! It was revealed during Tuesday’s episode that the game had taken place without Terence, who was visibly shocked by the news his wife had kissed other people

Gobsmacked: Nathanial, Ella, JJ and Biance watched on as Terence made his bid to leave

Viewers at home appeared to side with Terence, who claimed that Porscha was being a ‘hypocrite’, as she attempted to minimise her own actions.

One person commented: ‘Let’s just remember that if Terence said the same thing to Porscha about not leaving there would be hell.’

Another said: ‘Nahh Porsha is all about saving face. How are you playing spin the bottle with four guys when you’re newly married!?

‘Well done Terence, Porscha can go back to 9pm bedtimes.’

One other said: ‘Porscha would be sliding down the walls crying if Terence kissed someone else, let’s be honest.’ 

Married At First Sight UK: Meet the series eight contestants

Name: Arthur 

Age: 34

From: London

Occupation: Tennis coach 

Why: ‘I’m ready to find the love of my life’ 

Name: Ella

Age: 29

From: Weston-Super-Mare

Occupation: Clinic Consultant

Why: ‘This experiment is so much more than just me getting married. I see this as a big deal for someone who has transitioned’

Name: Brad 

Age: 27

From: Grimsby

Occupation: Model

Why: ‘I trust the experts with all my heart that they have matched me well’

Name: Jay

Age: 31

From: Lancashire 

Occupation: Sales manager 

Why: Hopefully, they’ve found someone who is right for me and I do have faith that everything happens for a reason’

Name: Georges

Age: 30

From: Surrey

Occupation: Sports Rehabilitator 

Why: ‘I said to the Experts that I will give 120%. I trust them and I’m going to trust the process’

Name: Laura

Age: 34

From: Hampshire

Occupation: Finance Manager

Why: ‘I have my fingers firmly crossed for a positive outcome – I don’t want another divorce’

Name: Luke

Age: 30

From: Clacton

Occupation: Sales executive

Why: ‘I’m really open so I know I can make things work and build, I’m just hoping she has the same attitude’

Name: Peggy

Age: 32

From: Kent

Occupation: Technology risk partner

Why: ‘I want that lover and someone who can also be my best friend’

Name: Nathanial

Age: 36

From: Manchester

Occupation: Events marketing manager 

Why: ‘I don’t trust anyone but myself, but I hope they’ve done a good job that’s all I can say’

Name: Porscha 

Age: 36

From: London

Occupation: Executive assistant 

Why: ‘I’m trying not to think too much about the fact that I’m marrying a total stranger because I’ll probably psych myself out’

Name: Paul

Age: 26

From: Chesham

Occupation: Account manager

Why: ‘I hope the experts literally hand delivered my best friend and life partner’

Name: Rosaline

Age: 28

From: Crewe

Occupation: Florist

Why: ‘I’m excited, but I’m also feeling quite nervous. It doesn’t feel real’

Name: Terence 

Age: 40

From: Reading

Occupation: Youth Worker/DJ

Why: ‘I’m looking forward to it and I’m excited. The only bit I’m worried about is whether she’ll like me’

Name: Shona

Age: 31

From: Nottingham

Occupation: Performing arts teacher

Why: ‘My happily ever after would be for him and I to go through the experiment and really try and grow together’

Name: Thomas

Age: 27

From: Wiltshire

Occupation: Investment communications

Why: ‘I’m excited to meet this person and see what we could do together’

Name: Tasha

Age: 25

From: Leeds

Occupation: Childcare assistant 

Why: ‘I have faith in the experts that I could find the love of my life – the Ant to my Dec!’



Name: JJ

Age: 30

From: Essex

Job: Fashion brand owner 

Why: ‘I haven’t been able to find anybody so these guys, when the opportunity came up, it felt right for me’

Name: Bianca

Age: 29

From: Buxton

Job: Hair Extension Specialist 

Why: ‘All my friends around me were having babies and getting married and I just kept thinking to myself ‘surely there must be someone out there for me’.’





Name: Jordan

Age: 26

From: Sheffield

Job: Personal trainer 

Why: ‘I’ve struggled before, finding that right person.’




Name: Erica

Age: 25

From: Dance teacher

Job: Dance teacher and social media manager 

Why: ‘All I’ve wanted is to settle down and have that security, that someone that I can literally spend my life with and have a best friend.’ 

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