Madonna contrasts her platinum blonde hair with a bright green robe

Who’s that girl? Madonna, 62, is barely recognisable as she shows off her extraordinarily youthful looks – with sleek blonde locks and a VERY smooth complexion – in striking new snaps

Madonna showed off her incredibly youthful looks in a series of shots uploaded to her Instagram account on Friday afternoon.

The 62-year-old singer-songwriter posted four shots to her account, three of which placed her still-youthful visage on full display for her 15.8 million followers, with the fourth showing a bottle of Tom Ford perfume.

The Holiday singer also wrote a self-celebratory message in the post’s caption, which read, ‘Damn I smell good’, while she flaunted her age-defying looks. 

Color coordination: Madonna contrasted her platinum blonde hair with a sizable green robe in a set of pictures shared to her Instagram account on Friday afternoon

In her first shot, Madonna was pictured wearing a large green robe that covered much of her frame and featured a sizable hood that she kept on while wearing the article of clothing.

The Borderline singer’s platinum blonde hair provided an element of stark contrast to her bright green outer layer.

The dance floor queen accessorized with a stylish pair of sizable black sunglasses and several articles of jewelry for the selfies.

In her fourth and final photo, the singer revealed that she was wearing fishnet leggings and a pair of slippers that nearly matched the shade of her robe. 

Dressing well: The Holiday singer accessorized for her selfies with multiple articles of jewelry

Wow! She sported a similar look during her Blonde Ambition tour in 1990

Looking ahead: The hitmaker’s sizable black sunglasses stood out from the lighter tones of her clothing and hair

Earlier in the day, Madonna shared several videos to her Instagram Story, the first of which showed her adopted daughter Mercy, aged 14, showing off her prowess on the piano.

The posts were intercut with footage of various flowers in several different colors. 

She followed her first three videos with a set featuring her other adopted daughter, Stella, who announced that she would be performing Beethoven’s Moonlight Sontata.

After making her way through the musical piece, the child then remarked that she was moving on to play Bach’s Prelude in C Major.

Different view: The final photo in the singer-songwriter’s post showed her holding a bottle of Tom Ford perfume in between her legs

Talented kid: Before sharing the photos, Madonna posted a series of videos to her Instagram Story, a few of which showed her daughter Mercy playing the piano

Madonna has adopted a total of four children, all of whom were born in Malawi.

The first child she added to her family was her son David Banda, whom she welcomed into her fold in 2006.

In addition to the two daughters seen in her Instagram videos, she also adopted Stella’s twin sister Esther, who has also followed her siblings into studying piano.

The Lucky Star singer has two biological children of her own, and she shares her eldest daughter Lourdes, aged 24, with personal trainer Carlos Leon.

Madonna also welcomed her second child and first son Rocco, aged 20, with her second husband, Guy Ritchie, with whom she was embroiled in a lengthy custody battle until their issues were resolved in 2018. 

Young talent: The singer also included more videos of her daughter Stella playing songs by Beethoven and Bach

Happy mom: Madonna is a mother of two biological children and also welcomed four adopted kids from Malawi into her family

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