Lydia Bright surprises fans by revealing her neighbours are Stacey Solomon and Joe Swash

Lydia Bright has been asking her Instagram followers for tips with breastfeeding after giving birth to her daughter Loretta.

But it seems she has a lot of help around her, as she has now revealed that her neighbours are Stacey Solomon and Joe Swash.

The 30 year old took to Instagram to tell her fans she was having a hard time unloading heavy items from her car, when one of her neighbours came to the rescue.

Former The Only Way Is Essex star Lydia uploaded a video to her 1.2million fans, showing a number of boxes piled up in her living room.

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She says: "Pulling up I had all of this to get out of the car," before she continues to walk towards her front door.

Opening it, she goes on: "Who comes to the rescue? My neighbour, Mr Joe Swash," before focussing the camera on him.

Dancing On Ice winner Joe is then seen smiling as he carries a large orange suitcase across the road and toward Lydia's house.

Lydia's shock revelation comes just days after she made her return to television after giving birth, sharing a brutally honest account of her labour.

She appeared alongside her mum and former co-star Debbie Bright on Thursday's episode of Lorraine, telling fans what her experience of childbirth was like.

The new mum gushed: "With Loretta, it's just like a whole new level of love you didn't know existed and just like that nothing else matters in the world.

"The whole labour was magical, it was very special, but the thing I wasn't really prepared for was the aftermath after giving birth.

"I mean, there were things coming out of my body I didn't even know was in there!"

Lydia and Debbie also spoke about the challenges that Lydia has faced since becoming a first-time mum, while Debbie gave her top bit of advice for being a parent.

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She said: "Just don't stress over things, Lyd, because they're babies for such a small amount of time and life goes past in the flick of an eyelid."

Debbie then told Lydia she was "proud" of her, saying: "I'm proud of you because of the birth, but I'm equally proud of you because you are doing absolutely fantastic at breastfeeding, something I didn't really take to."

On the topic, Lydia added: "I'm just going to be proud and breastfeed in public. I'm going to bear my bosoms now!"

And Debbie joked: "Well they're big enough aren't they? I've never seen such big boobaloobas in all my life!"

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