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LOVE ISLAND DAY 51 RECAP: Three couples are left vulnerable of being DUMPED with Dami and Indiyah in the bottom… after Luca and Gemma come to blows over raunchy challenge

Love Island day 51 as it happened. 

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That’s it from us tonight, join us again on Sunday night for even more drama and antics from the villa.

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One fiery argument, a raunchy challenge AND a shock dumping – what a jam packed episode that was!

Dami and Inidyah, Paige and Adam AND Danica and Jamie are vulnerable of being dumped from the villa as viewers fume over the cliffhanger. 

Why did tonight's episode have to end on a cliffhanger? #LoveIsland

How can you not love these two🥹. #LoveIsland #Damiyah

Why do i feel like tandrew might be the darkhorses and beat ekinde to first place 😶 #LoveIsland

adam did not see that one coming😂😂😂😂 #LoveIsland

The couple who will be dumbed from the island is
TOMORROW 🫣🤣 #LoveIsland

Nooooo not the cliffhanger #LoveIsland

The Islander’s gather by the fire pit as they learn that the public have been voting to save their favourite couple.

Danica and Josh, Adam and Paige and Dami and Indiyah find themselves in the bottom three. 

Luca begins: ‘At the time of the challenge was I happy? No. Did i like it? No.

‘In my head I had already got over it and it was out of my head but then it was brought up again.’

Gemma adds: ‘I could sense that you were annoyed when we spoke about it at the mini fire pit you denied it and then half way through the conversation you admitted you were annoyed.’

‘I am protective I know, I think any bloke would’ve thought the way I did at the time,’ Luca says, ‘out of all the girls do you think you went for it the most.’

‘No are you joking?’ Gemma shouts.

‘Do I wanna see the girl I love doing stuff to another boy, no. I didn’t like it.

‘I don’t wanna be in a relationship where we are having these stupid chats,’ Luca says, ‘Nor do I’ Gemma adds.

‘Gem do you wanna be with me’, Luca asks, as Gemma says ‘well obviously.’ 

I feel like Dami is the spokesperson for all of the couples when they have an argument #LoveIsland

Luca speaks to the boys as he admits that he didn’t like how Gemma spoke to him whilst Adam and Andrew agree that they would also be upset to see their girl’s lick other men. 

Luca is such a drama queen😭#LoveIsland

‘He’s [Luca] got face like a slapped a**,’ Gemma explains to Dami, as he responds ‘Luca’s face is always like that.’

Dami encourages Gemma to go and speak to Luca as they are both ‘stubborn people.’

‘When I came up to you in the challenge you pushed me off’ she explains to Luca.

‘You’ve got a face like a slapped a***, are you twelve?’

The fishmonger hits back: ‘It was banter, I didn’t exactly like it but it was a challenge I can’t stay in a mood.’ 

‘You’ve brought all of this up, I don not care what the f*** you did in that challenge. I can’t be a**** it’s doing my head in,’ Luca shouts as he storms off. 

‘Luca was being weird when you were doing your challenge,’ Ekin-Su says.

Gemma adds: ‘I think he was pissed off that I licked people, where as Dami was ‘bigging you up [Indiyah]’

Truer words have never been spoken ❤️ #LoveIsland

Luca needs to grow up. He’s happy enough when the other girls are close to him but acts like a petulant child when Gemma had to do the same to the lads 🙄#LoveIsland

The dressage rider licks Adam’s chest as she emerges from the plane for the playful challenge.

Luca is less than impressed as he later admits in the beach hut: ‘I’ll be honest I don’t want to see her licking any guy’s chest!’

This challenge is cringing me ooooutt 😬😬😬#LoveIsland

Davide admits that Ekin-Su gave him more than a First Class experience.

Mate what is up with Ekin today #LoveIsland


Danica announces that the girls will be providing the inflight entertainment in today’s Mile-High challenge.

Dressed as cabin crew, the girls must prep the boys for departure, give a full safety briefing and offer refreshments before joining their chosen passenger for a private Mile High Club moment.

Adam decides that the boys should treat the girls to a few spa treatments as they chop up cucumbers for their eyes and offer the girls foot massages. 

“It’s a girls world and we all just live in it” the smartest thing Dami has said #LoveIsland

‘I’m not going to lie I had a bit of his food and everything was ok,’ she says to the girls during the morning debrief. 

Davide and Ekin argued for all of 3 minutes and then held hands and chased each other I love them #loveisland

Are Gemma and Luca going to survive the fall out? 

Ekin-Su says that Davide comments about his ‘wild behaviour’ on the outside world got to her. 

Davide asks for ‘peace’ as the pair joke about their misunderstanding. 

‘I don’t want this drama on the outside,’ he says as Ekin-Su agrees and admits that ‘it’s hard to stay angry at the King of Carbonara.’ 

We’re off! We rejoin the villa exactly where we left off on Monday evening, as Davide fumes at Ekin-Su.

Dami says ‘you’re always gonna get drama with Ekin’ whilst Davide whips up a carbonara. 

We are on edge 

So luca and gemma 👀 #LoveIsland

It’s time for take-off as the Islanders learn they will take part in a Mile High-themed challenge on tonight’s episode of Love Island.

Dressed as cabin crew, the girls must prep the boys for departure, give a full safety briefing and offer refreshments before joining their chosen passenger for a private Mile High Club moment.

The ladies all looked sensational for the challenge as they donned bright red tops tied around their waists and matching mini skirts.

I’m so excited for love island to end, I want my 9pm back #loveisland

Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

They’ve managed to avoid much of the drama that has befallen their fellow couples on their Love Island journey. 

Yet with just days to go until the final, Luca Bish and Gemma Owen have had an almighty row, with the scenes set to air on Tuesday night’s show.  

During the episode, the Islanders were tasked with taking on a Mile High-themed challenge, which saw the girls transform into sexy flight attendants. 

I feel like Adam is the holiday rep in there on the club 18-30 … #LoveIsland

SPOILER alert… read at your own risk.

The final week of Love Island has begun, with the winners of the 2022 series set to be crowned soon and the villa cleared out for another year. 

Yet the Islanders have proved that their final few days are not going to be drama-free with Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu and Davide Sanclimenti having another row during Monday night’s talent show. 

And in scenes due to air on Tuesday’s episode, the pair talked through their differences in a heart-to-heart, ensuring that they cleared the air before another dramatic dumping rocked the villa. 

Now we’re all caught up, what is in store for this evening?


After a mile-high challenge, the atmosphere is plummeting for one couple 😬 And two Islanders reach their final destination… #LoveIsland

Before we can get really stuck in to tonight’s drama, let’s have a refresher of what happened during Monday night’s episode.

The Islanders all took to the floor to show off their most impressive talents, with many being mocked on Twitter.

Danica started the night off strong as she sent temperatures soaring, putting on a tantalizing display with a sensual dance to Christina Aguilera’s Let There Be Love.

Indiyah Polack left her fellow islanders and the viewers in stitches with her talent show performance when she attempted to play the recorder. 

The beauty performed a rendition of Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star but ended up playing much of the track out of tune.

Gemma and Paige sang along to My Humps by The Black Eyed Peas in pink jeans and black tops, with Adam admitting it ‘got him going’.

Ekin-Su branded herself a ‘drama queen’ as she made a heartfelt speech as a beauty pageant winner, where she joked that Danica had been ‘through six guys’ and lauded Gemma with praise.

Elsewhere, Luca Bish shocked his fellow Love Islanders after claiming he isn’t punching above his weight in his coupling with Gemma.

The fishmonger, 23, was slammed by viewers on Twitter when he made the surprise remark during a chat with the boys about Michael Owen’s daughter, 19, which soon prompted Paige to spread the gossip.

After joking that Mark Wright isn’t very good looking and is in over his head with Michelle Keegan, he admitted he believes he hasn’t been ‘punching’ with his partner on the show, which Adam agreed with.

Meanwhile, Davide and Ekin-Su are still riding the high, with Davide even saying they’re ‘basically boyfriend and girlfriend’.

The episode ended as the public voted for their favourite couple, with the Islander’s who received the least amount of vote at risk of being dumped from the villa tonight.  

Hello and welcome to another day during the summer of love! Check in here for live updates, news and reactions from day 51 in the Love Island villa.

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