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LOVE ISLAND 2022 RECAP: Paige and Adam are DUMPED from the island a day before the finale while Luca kicks off over him and Gemma receiving three votes

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That’s it from us tonight, join us again on Monday night for the FINAL! 

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On Sunday’s meet the parents episode we saw Andrew telling his mum Karen how he wanted to ‘marry’ Tasha. 

Meanwhile, Tasha’s dad Tarek – was full of banter and even made a joke about Andrew’s antics with Coco – but thankfully, all is forgiven and both families gave their seal of approval. 

However, the same could not be said for Paige’s mum Samantha as she told her daughter she was NOT buying her relationship with Adam, leaving Paige reeling in the beach hut. 

Dami was also shook after meeting Inidyah’s mum and sister. As they confronted him over his time in Casa Amor – Indiyah’s mum was left reeling at him and accidently called him DEJI! Yikes. 

It was all love between Ekin-Su and Davide’s camp as their families were overall well impressed with their relationship. 

As the show was coming to an end, four couples faced the chop – however, it was Adam and Paige who had the least number of votes from the villa and were dumped.

It comes just a day before one of the final four couples will be crowned the winners of Love Island 2022 and take home the £50,000 prize.

The Love Island 2022 finalists are as follows:

Davide and Ekin-Su

Tasha and Andrew

Dami and Indiyah

Luca and Gemma

The fate of show’s winners lies in the viewers’ hands – get voting! 

Here they are, your 2022 #LoveIsland finalists 🫶 #LoveIsland

Positive vibes only! Queen Ekin-Su, the mother of the house calls all the islanders around the kitchen and tells them to put all the drama behind them before she received a test to let them all know the reached the Love Island final! 

Luca confronts Dami and Indiyah on why they voted for them. Indiyah tells him that the fishmonger is overprotective. Luca reassures her that he’s not the jealous type while Gemma steps in and tells him to let it go. 

Luca still can’t get his head around the fact that the other islanders voted for him and Gemma and reels saying ‘it doesn’t make f**king sense!’ 

While Adam tells the boys he’s looking forward to spending time with Paige he also can’t wait to go out with the boys. 

After Luca and Gemma, Tasha and Andrew, Ekin-Su and Davide, and Paige and Adam were all saved – following the public vote, it was decided that Paige and Adam were to leave the villa.

After being saved by the public, Luca sits down and mutters the words: ‘We’re gonna have some fun tonight’  – no doubt determined who nominated him and Gemma as the least compatible couple. 

Luca and Gemma. 

Davide and Ekin-Su! 

As Luca and Gemma’s name is called out as one of the least compatible couple couples – he looks stunned that he could have been chosen. 

Gemma’s phone buzzes and the remaining islanders are asked to stand around the fire pit. 

Oh it’s tense…

Absolute IMAGE of me watching #LoveIsland

“i think that we’re both head over heels in love” #LoveIsland

Burst into tears watching Davide see his mum and sister #LoveIsland

We thought Davide couldn’t get cuter…he just translated the whole lot of Ekin-Su and his mothers conversation.  


Ekin-Su’s brother tells Davide that she deserves the best and her mum then also gushes over their relationship while Davide descibed their relationship as a ‘dream’.

Davide’s mum tells him that she was a little apprehensive about her at the start BUT after the date she changed her mind and gives her to seal of approval. 

Gemma’s mum Louise tells her that it’s all over social media that Luca looks like her dad Michael! Luca seems well chuffed with himself. 

Luca asks his parents what they thought of his behaviour and they hint at him they were less than impressed with how he was towards Tasha on occasion. 

Louise admits that she would have paired Gemma with Luca if she had the opportunity from the start and also went on to tell her how they will have to see how they get on on the outside. 

Gemma’s mum Louise and pal Sarah come to the villa and referencing her famous footballer dad Michael, Louise assures her: ‘Honestly, he is really proud of you, really proud.’

Indiyah’s mum is a Queen for calling Dami, Deji lmao 🤣😍#LoveIsland

Indiyah’s mum and sister are REELING with Dami!!! They keep confronting him about Casa Amor and then…Dee calls him DEJI! 

What did we just hear? Total awks! 

Noooooooooo she didn’t just say Deji 🤣🤣🤣🤣 #loveisland

Indiyah’s mum is NOT happy whatsoever over Dami’s antics at Casa Amor. Dami then apologises to them saying he was sorry that he ‘tried to explore another connection’. 

Adam tells Paige that his dad is highly impressed with her and loves how she is. 

Did we just see Adam Collard getting emotional? In the beach hut he said that the paramedic made her feel unreal as he gushed over her. 

We will have to watch a replay of this! 

Paige then goes to the beach hut and is reeling over her mothers ‘savage comments’. 

Shocked! Paige’s mum tells her that she’s NOT buying her relationship with Adam. She then went on to tell her how she saw a different side of her when she was with Jaques. However, Paige reassures her that he is a completely different person! 

Tasha and her dad signing to eachother #LoveIsland

Luca when Michael Owen doesn’t turn up to meet the parents #loveisland

Both Tasha and Andrew’s parents give their relationship the seal of approval Very cute we must say! 

Tasha’s dad Tarek then asks: ‘What’s your most memorable part of being here Andrew?’

With a wink he then adds: ‘Don’t say Coco…’

While Andrew’s mum will jest that he’s ‘totally besotted with her’, Tasha’s father will proudly say: ‘You can see it in your eyes, you’re sparkling. First time I’ve seen that with a boy.’

We are loving Tasha’s dad Tarek. Joking with Tasha and Andrew he tells him that he needs to have a word with him over what they get up to under the covers telling him ‘the salon is open 24/7.’


Tashas dad is jokes!! “The salon has been open 24/7” #LoveIsland

Andrew tells his mum that he does plan on asking Tasha to marry him one day…so he wasn’t bluffing on Friday night! 

Andrew’s dad tells him that he thinks that what happened in Casa Amor has made the couple stronger. 

Tasha interrupts into screams as she gets a text to show that her parents and Andrew’s parents have arrived at the villa. 

Ekin-Su asks the girls how they feel about the text on who is the least compatible couple – Paige brushes it off telling her not to worry, while over with the boys Davide tells the boys what matters is how they feel as a couple. 

I can’t believe #LoveIsland is coming to an end. What am I going to watch next? 🥰🥰

Honestly it’s tiring being a #LoveIsland fan!! Every night for like 8 weeks – it’s a lot!!

Even the lionesses’re watching #LoveIsland

going to miss them. #loveisland

Hands down my favourite and most compatible couple this season 🤷🏽‍♀️#LoveIsland

King and Queen of the villa 😂😂😂 This view is crazy 😂😂#LoveIsland

What am I gonna do once love island ends tomorrow?? 😔 #LoveIsland

Some of Queen Ekin Su’s Iconic Moments#LoveIsland

me next week watching Ekin-Su’s Instagram stories like Love Island didn’t end#LoveIsland

Tonight’s episode will see Gemma be reunited with her mum Louise and pal Sarah.

It comes after her dad Michael Owen confirmed earlier this month that when the time comes for parents to enter the Love Island villa, he’ll be staying home to ‘represent the horses’ while his wife does the honour.

But Louise will reference her striker husband as she heads into the famous villa, explaining that he’s ‘really proud’ of Gemma and has been watching the show.

As a shocked Gemma sees her mum for the first time since the beginning of the show, talk will turn to family life back home.

And referencing Michael, Louise will assure: ‘Honestly, he is really proud of you, really proud.’

Before adding of the family: ‘They’re all loving watching you, they’re missing you like mad.’


Tonight we will see Tasha’s father cracking jokes with about his infamous dalliance with Coco in Casa Amor.

The couple will face an emotional reunion with their parents, who gather for a selfie before heading into the villa.

As the dancer from Thirsk, 23, excitedly jumps up at a text announcing her parents’ arrival, viewers then see the pair sat down with their loved ones.

Tasha’s dad Tarek then asks: ‘What’s your most memorable part of being here Andrew?’

With a wink he then adds: ‘Don’t say Coco…’

While Andrew’s mum will jest that he’s ‘totally besotted with her’, Tasha’s father will proudly say: ‘You can see it in your eyes, you’re sparkling. First time I’ve seen that with a boy.’

Awh shook’s – we can’t wat to see this!


It's time for the final arrivals of 2022, and our Islanders' loved ones have some words for all of them… #LoveIsland

Friday seems so long ago, so let’s just take a few moments for a recap on Friday night show.

While Tasha was jumping for joy ahead of her Kardashian-themed date on the beach with Andrew – she had reason to be excited as the real estate agent told her he hopes to marry her one day!

The pair gush over one another in one of the most romantic settings yet, with them both telling each other how much they had fallen for one another.

Later in the show Gemma and Luca headed to a private courtyard, before being serenaded by a mesmerising six-piece ensemble for their date.

They both admitted that they can’t wait to meet each others families while Luca told the dressage champion how he couldn’t wait to put a label on their relationship!

When asked what was his favourite moment of the series he told Gemma jokingly that it was her strip tease.

With Gemma admitting she feels hard opening up – she did reveal to the fishmonger that he makes her feel more lovey dovey.

Later that evening, back at the villa Indiyah gets a text to say that the remaining contestants must vote for the couple they deem least compatible – resulting in a shock dumping just days before the final.

As the couples pair up with one another to deliberate – we hear of some interesting opinions.

The voting went as follows:

Adam and Tasha chose Ekin-Su and Davide along with Paige and Adam as their least compatible.

Paige and Adam chose Ekin-Su and Davide along with Gemma and Luca as their least compatible.

Gemma and Luca chose Ekin-Su and Davide along with Andrew and Tasha as their least compatible.

Davide and Ekin-Su chose Gemma and Luca along with Adam and Paige as their least compatible.

And finally..

Dami and Indiyah chose Ekin-Su and Davide along with Gemma and Luca as their least compatible.

We are at the end of our seats already counting down to 9PM! 

Hello and welcome to another day during the summer of love! Check in here for live updates, news and reactions from day 55 in the Love Island villa! 

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