Love Island 2020: First ever winter series kicks off in style

Love Island 2020: First ever winter series gets off to an eventful start as TWO boys fail to impress any of the girls, bombshell blonde twins ruffle feathers and host Laura Whitmore makes her debut

  • A total of 11 new contestants were seen making their way into a pristine luxury villa as the popular dating show’s first ever winter series debuted from Cape Town, South Africa, on Sunday evening
  • Irish presenter Laura, 34, was drafted in at the 11th hour to replace longtime host Caroline Flack, 40, after she was charged with common assault following a confrontation with her boyfriend Lewis Burton, 27, last month 
  • Caroline presented the popular ITV2 show from 2015 and had shot promotional material for the new series
  • It is expected that Caroline will return to the show for later series, after bosses at ITV stated the ‘door is open’ 

The first ever winter series of Love Island kicked off on Sunday night, with Laura Whitmore making her debut as host Caroline Flack’s replacement.

And the inaugural episode most certainly delivered on the drama, with two boys (Ollie Williams and Nas Majeed) failing to impress any of the girls, and blonde twins Eve and Jess Gale making a late bombshell arrival. 

After much anticipation, the boys were seen filing into the Cape Town, South Africa, villa to decide who they wanted to attempt a love connection with – but not before the girls showed their interest by stepping forward.

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Awkward! The first ever winter edition of Love Island saw an awkward start to proceedings on Sunday night, when none of the girls stepped forward for Nas Majeed. He eventually opted to couple up with Siânnise Fudge

Nas was the first of the boys to suffer the indignation, when he led the pack meeting the girls, but received no interest from any of the bikini-clad beauties standing before him.

While Siânnise Fudge explained that it was ‘too early’ for her to commit to any of the boys, she added: ‘I’m not too sure about the shorts.’ 

When asked why she opted against stepping forward, Sophie Piper explained: ‘I just feel like I’m so tall. I’m not even joking.’

Drama: Twins Eve and Jess Gale added to the drama of the night, when they were introduced after the first round of coupling

Couple: Ollie Williams proved equally unpopular during the series launch, but eventually chose to couple up with Paige Turley

New arrival: Laura Whitmore made her debut as regular host Caroline Flack’s replacement on the hugely popular ITV2 show

Despite the lack of interest shown to him, Nas decided to couple up with Siânnise, who made it clear that she wasn’t attracted to the builder. 

Meanwhile, Ollie – who counts Prince Charles among his well-heeled neighbours – found himself suffering the same fate, when he stepped out but failed to muster up any interest.

In an attempt to placate the situation, Sophie joked: ‘I actually haven’t got my glasses on, so that that might be one of the reasons,’ before adding: ‘I like more dark features.’

In the end, he opted to couple up with Paige Turley, who soon complained to her fellow contestants that she wasn’t attracted to Ollie and had mentally ‘friend zoned’ him.

Stunning! The new series takes place in a stunning South African villa, and the gorgeous ladies were the first to get a glimpse

All the single ladies: After the girls arrived, they quickly popped open a bottle of champagne and started bonding over boys

Once the couples – voluntary and otherwise – were picked, the final tally stood as Nas and Siânnise, Callum Jones and Shaughna Phillips, Ollie and Paige, Connor Durman and Sophie Piper, and Mike Boateng and Leanne Amaning.

And democratic services officer Shaughna appeared to be particularly happy with her choice, as she gushed in the Beach Hut: ‘I feel like the cat that got the cream right now. Callum is ticking all the boxes.’

And during a chat with her fellow female islanders, she gushed: ‘My head’s gone. He’s just so lovely to talk to, like I really fancy him. He might get a little like… arm rub, tonight. Just an arm rub. I mean… I don’t know.’

However, soon after the tanned and toned reality TV hopefuls settled into their new couples, the boat was immediately rocked with the surprise arrival of twins Jess and Eve Gale.

While the boys were thrilled as the blonde beauties, 20, made their entrance carrying bottles of champagne, some of the ladies in the villa were left fuming.  

Humbling: As well as Nas Majeed, Ollie Williams had quite the humbling experience, when no girls stepped forward for him

Arresting presence: Mike Boateng made a positive first impression, when it was revealed in the villa that he’s a police officer

Ladies’ choice: Callum Jones, left, and Connor Durman, right, proved popular with the ladies when they arrived at the villa

Nas received the first text of the series sending shockwaves through the villa as he read to the surprised islanders: ‘It’s time to really get the party started as two very important guests are about to arrive #doubletrouble #twiceasnice #gameon.’

As rumours swirled among the islanders about whether it’ll be girls or boys, twins Jess and Eve made their surprise entrance into the villa and the other girls were not one bit impressed as everyone had already coupled up. 

In the beach hut, Shaughna admitted: ‘I was really trying so hard not to look fuming. I was trying so hard not to look bothered.’

Meanwhile, Siânnise added that may struggle telling Jess and Eve apart, saying: ‘There’s no way I can tell those twins apart. They’re identical, they look exactly the same.’

Reflecting on their arrival in the Beach Hut, Nas, 23, said: ‘I actually couldn’t believe it. Twins – what a bombshell!’ 

WINTER LOVE ISLAND 2020: Meet the Contestants

Name: Leanne Amaning

Age: 22

Location: London

Occupation: Customer service advisor

‘I’m the Beyoncé of Waltham Forest! The type of guys that come up to me on a night out I literally wouldn’t look twice at, just no. I give a fake number, a fake name, fake Snap, fake Insta. I’m not interested. Technically speaking, I’ve never had a boyfriend. I’ve had my fair share of situationships and they’re not for me. A situationship is when you’re together, but not together, so like you’re together without the label. I want to go on Love Island because I want to overcome my fear of men, like I am genuinely terrified. I pledge to change. I’m not going to be scared of men anymore and I’m going to be open to finding someone.’

 Name: Siânnise Fudge

Age: 25

Location: Bristol

Occupation: Beauty consultant

‘Having the second name Fudge does make me feel really unique. I love dessert dates. I love going to a gelato [eatery], I don’t really know how you pronounce it. The last guy that I was seeing, his name was Prince. He was no Prince Charming for me. It’s put me off princes for life. I need to find myself a king! I hope to find love on Love Island, someone who actually wants to pursue something. I believe that I can find that and I do believe that there is somebody out there for everyone. My friends and family would describe me as the Princess of Jasmine of Bristol. I just need to find my Aladdin!’

Name: Shaughna Phillips

Age: 25

Location: London

Occupation: Democratic services officer

‘I’m a big politics nerd. I work with people that are in politics. I sound completely different to the, My ideal man would be six foot-plus. or just taller than me in heels, nice to my mum, because if you don’t get on with Tracey then there’s no future. I am definitely what you would call a relationship girl. There’s nothing better than Sunday snuggles and a bit of Gogglebox. I have bad luck, it’s not even bad luck, it’s the cocky boys I attract. And then as soon as I’m sold the dream, I purchase, I throw the receipt away, and then hook line and sinker. I’m definitely confident when it comes to my looks, but I just think my personality tops it… No, that’s so big headed! I just want to get into the villa now. The thought of lying around the pool all day, beautiful men and lathered up, I mean what could do wrong?’

Names: Eve and Jess Gale

Age: 20

Location: London

Occupation: VIP hostesses and students

Eve: I think the boys, when they see us come into the villa, will probably be shocked.

Jess: I think they’ll be intrigued to think, “Are they close? Do you think I can shoot my shot with just one of them or both of them? How do I go about this?”

Eve: We’re very protective over each other… I would react worse to someone treating Jess badly than I would treating myself badly. We like really confident guys. If we were to go to the club, not the guy standing in the corner, the guy dancing.

Jess: I think we do share the same type, definitely. We want to do Love Island just because I think it will be so fun… Even if we go on separate dates, we won’t be too far. 

Name: Sophie Piper

Age: 21

Location: Essex

Occupation: Medical PA

‘I’d like to say people find me warming. I’ve always got these dimple out anyway, so I’m welcoming you with an open heart. I literally don’t date at all. I feel like the thought of a date actually makes me feel physically sick. I definitely would never approach a member of the opposite sex. If a boy looks at you and finds you good looking, he should come over to you. I just want to find someone. I just want to look at them and think, “Wow, you are amazing and I want to spend the rest of my life with you!” Sorry, I just made myself cringe. I’m excited to get into the villa. It would be so ideal if I just met someone, got along with them and lived a happily ever after.’

Name: Paige Turley

Age: 22

Location: West Lothian

Occupation: Singer

‘I would describe myself as a drama queen. I overreact. One of my ex-boyfriends is actually in the limelight. He may possibly be Lewis Capaldi. According to the papers, they think the song was about me. The song was called Someone You Love. If that’s the case, Ross I’m so sorry! I want to go in and find people I don’t usually cross paths with. Hopefully somebody with a cockney accent. My expectations are high. If I’ve got a song written about me, boy you better be bringing it!’

Name: Ollie Williams

Age: 23

Location: Cornwall

Occupation: Heir to the Lanhydrock

‘When my dad dies, I’m going to be a lord! My next door neighbours are famously Prince Charles and Camilla. I definitely would describe myself as wealthy, but don’t like to brag about it. I fall fast and I fall hard when it comes to love. I can get a bit soppy. and the love word can come out a bit too prematurely. When I like a girl, I normally slide into their DMs, if they haven’t, and just sort of go from there. You know, standard take them out for drinks, dinner and the rest. Am I a good boyfriend? It depends which ex you ask, I suppose. My ex of four years founded out I cheated on her. I definitely broke her heart and probably broke my own heart at the same time. I’ve not done it since and would not do it again. My perfect girl is blonde, petite, wouldn’t harm a shred of grouse moor as well.. It’s like a pit of land which is like a heather low grass. It’s a big deal.’

Name: Mike Boateng

Age: 24

Location: London

Occupation: Police Officer

‘I have been mistaken for a stripper on many occasions, but let me tell you I’m not a stripper. I just make the uniform look good. I’d say I was pretty ugly growing up, Ill throw it out there. I wasn’t the best looking guy. But at some point, I obviously had a glow-up and here I am. I think it’s illegal to be as sexy as me, so if I see anyone who’s as sexy or any more sexy than me they’ll probably get locked up too. I can’t lie, I do like jet black hair. I like girls that have straight, black hair that goes all the way down. It does something to me. I’m 1,000 per cent a smooth operator. Although my head’s been turned in the past, I can assure any girl in the villa that they can definitely trust me and I’ll be that guy, that Officer Mike you can lean on.’

Name: Callum Jones

Age: 23

Location: Manchester

Occupation: Scaffolder

‘I love cooking. I dream of food before I go to bed every night, without fail. If I was to make a three-course meal for a girl, the starter would probably have to be tempura king prawns. The main would be a pad Thai, maybe. And then for dessert I’d probably make a tiramisu. And If I can’t win you over in three courses, then you’re snookered – you’ve got no chance! Guilty pleasures, I’ve got a few, to be fair. I love white toes and white fingernails. So if you’re the girl who’s got them, step forward. As sad as it sounds, I have been single for 23 years, so it is getting a bit boring now… I’ve not met any girls at work just because I’m surrounded by men all the time, dirty smelly men!’

Name: Connor Durman

Age: 25

Location: Brighton

Occupation: Coffee bean salesman

Since I got these teeth, I’ve been pulling so many more birds. I love to kiss on a first date – try before you buy. My mates would describe me as very weird, funny, loving. All my mates want me to find someone. They’re sick to death of seeing me every weekend just round their house, getting in the way. Deep down under the tattoos and the muscles I’m a very soppy person. I fall is love really easy. Looks go a long way, but personality is what makes a good connection. Someone caring, loving, funny, and is outgoing, really. I think I am Mr. Right, because I’ve learned my lesson over the past. I’ve played around, I’ve had fun and now I want to grow up. I’m a lot more mature now and I know what I want.’

Name: Nas Majeed

Age: 23

Location: London

Occupation: Sports science graduate and builder

‘I’m a Jack of all trades, master of none. If anyone needs a building done or loft conversion done just let me know. Once you get to know me, it’s like different layers to me. I’m like an onion because I’ve got so many layers to me. Just peel it back. My ideal type, appearance wise… tanned, nice eyebrows. I feel like eyebrows make or break a face. If you have nice, shapely, on-point eyebrows then you’re doing alright. I have been dumped. I feel like I’ve been dumped by everyone. That’s so sad! Ten out of ten excited to go in the Love Island villa. Where would I rather be, sitting in cold, wet, wintry London or in sunny South Africa surrounded by beautiful women?’

WHO’S NEXT? As is the norm, the Islanders will battle for their place in the villa…

 …and while many of the first batch of contestants won’t last very long, there’ll be more sent through the door in due course… 

Mike was thrilled with their arrival, saying: ‘Twice is definitely nice, you know what I mean?’ while Callum added: ‘Double trouble!’ 

Adding to the tension of the events, the love hopefuls were informed that each of the twins would be selecting a coupled-up man to be paired with, leaving two girls ‘single and vulnerable’.

The twins’ arrival, and the news of a recoupling didn’t sit well with Shaughna, who said in the Beach Hut: ‘We just see these two blondes, looking like they’ve just stepped out of Playboy.

‘I was really trying so hard not to look fuming. I was trying so hard not to look bothered. I don’t know what’s wrong with me.’ 

While the setting for the winter edition of the show has been changed from its Mallorca to South Africa, all of the familiar elements are still in place.

Girls talk: Irish beauty Laura Whitmore, 34, wasted no time in quizzing the girls about the types of boys they usually go for

Shaking things up: After the ladies got comfortable in the villa, Laura decided to shake things up by introducing the boys

Time to choose: The girls then lined up as Laura explained, ‘Girls, it’s time to couple up. The boys are going to come in one by one. If you like what you see, take a step forward’

After making their entrance into the pristine villa aboard open-top SUVs, the girls bonded while discussing their ideal men – ahead of the boys arriving for the first ever coupling of the series. 

After taking in their jaw-dropping surroundings, the girls – Shaughna, Sophie, Leanne, Siânnise and Paige – started to get to know each other and talk soon turned to boys. 

When asked what she’s looking for the in the villa, Shaughna said: ‘The opposite of what I attract really – the cocky know-it-alls. They sell you the dream.’

Delving further into her dating history, she continued: ‘For some reason, I always go for plumbers. Every time I tell my mum and she’s like, “Yes!” because anytime she’s got a leak she knows she won’t have to pay for it.’

Agreeing with Shaughna’s choice of men, Leanne said: ‘I like a builder’, while Siânnise agreed: ‘A bit of rough and ready!’ 

Toned hunk: Scaffolder Callum didn’t struggle to capture the attention of the ladies when he arrived by the pool shirtless

Heading for the friend zone: Paige was quick to point out that Ollie wasn’t her type, and that she didn’t find him at all attracted

Spark: Sophie Piper and Connor Durman were one of the more successful couples of the episode, immediately hitting it off

Paige commented: ‘I could not have someone with smoother legs, or better eyebrows, I’d be like, no.’

Meanwhile, Sophie, the sister of TV presenter Rochelle Humes, gave her verdict of her ideal guy, stating: ‘I want someone who is tall, tanned.

‘I feel like I’m the tallest out of all you girls. Just someone who is funny, someone who’s got a bit about them.’

And the stunner was quick to state what she didn’t want in a man, adding: ‘Someone who’s short!’ 

As the girls continued chatting, brand new host Laura arrived in the villa and promptly gathered the girls for a chat around the famous fire pit.

The Irish beauty wasted no time in quizzing the girls about their types on paper, with Paige, the former girlfriend of Lewis Capaldi, declaring: ‘It sounds so cliché, tall dark and handsome.’

After being asked if she’d ever been in love, Leanne admitted: ‘No never, not even a little bit. I’ve got a phobia, but I’m here to cure it.’

Rocking the boat: However, soon after the tanned and toned reality TV hopefuls settled into their new couples, the boat was immediately rocked with the surprise arrival of twins Jess and Eve Gale 

Mesmerised: Wearing form-fitting black dresses with plunging necklines, the 20-year-olds had fellow islanders mesmerised

Vulnerable: Adding to the tension of the events, the love hopefuls were informed that each of the twins would be selecting a coupled-up man to be paired with, leaving two girls ‘single and vulnerable’

With the ladies having got themselves comfortable in the villa, Laura decided to shake things up and introduce the boys.

She declared: ‘Well I don’t know about you ladies, but I think it’s time we meet the boys. Come with me!’

The girls then lined up as Laura explained: ‘Girls, it’s time to couple up. The boys are going to come in one by one. If you like what you see, take a step forward. 

‘Then the boy will decide which of you gorgeous ladies he’s going to couple up with. Simple as that. So are we ready to meet our first boy? I am!’

Laura reminded the girls that even if they had coupled up, they could still choose to step forward when a new boy arrived. And the boys could choose a girl, even if she was coupled up.

Stepping out in style: Laura looked sensational as she stepped out in a floral jacquard playsuit, designed by Hasan Hejazi

Her type: When asked what she’s looking for the in the villa, Shaughna said, ‘The opposite of what I attract really – the cocky know-it-alls. They sell you the dream’

The lads – Nas, Mike, Ollie, Connor and Callum – then filed in one by one, showcasing their rippling torsos as they did so.

Last year, boxer Tommy Fury and dancer Curtis Pritchard set hearts racing when they surprised the villa at the end of the first episode after the girls had already coupled up.

Hours before the show’s return, Caroline Flack broke her social media silence to wish her Love Island replacement Laura Whitmore ‘good luck’.

On Sunday, the embattled host, 40 – who last shared a post on her Instagram on Christmas Eve – wrote: ‘Massive good luck to Laura, Iain [Stirling] and the team for tonights launch show… the first one always the best one. Caroline x’ [sic]

Bring in the boys! Laura declared, ‘Well I don’t know about you ladies, but I think it’s time we meet the boys. Come with me!’

The presenter stood down from being the face of the show in December as she was charged for common assault following a fight with her boyfriend Lewis Burton, 27.

The ITV star has spent time away from the spotlight and her relationship  drama in Los Angeles. 

In late December, Caroline appeared in court over the incident with her beau – where a judge heard she hit the former tennis player over the head with a lamp while he slept – days after news of her replacement broke.

The court was told she read texts on Lewis’ phone that made her think he was cheating on her before the alleged attack. 

Caroline – who pleaded not guilty at Highbury Magistrates’ Court – was released on bail until her trial on March 4.

Warm gesture: Caroline Flack (L) broke her social media silence to wish her Love Island replacement Laura ‘good luck’, hours before the winter series kicked off

Following the hearing, the media personality insisted she won’t ‘not be silenced’ in a bold social media post shared on December 24. 

Uploading an old image of herself on the red carpet, she wrote: ‘Been advised not to go on social media … but I wanted to say happy Christmas to everyone who has been so incredibly kind to me this year.

‘This kind of scrutiny and speculation is a lot to take on for one person to take on their own… I’m a human being at the end of the day and I’m not going to be silenced when I have a story to tell and a life to keep going with.

‘I’m taking some time out to get feeling better and learn some lessons from situations I’ve got myself into to.I have nothing but love to give and best wishes for everyone.’ [sic] 

Bosses recently confirmed the ‘door is still open’ for the former X Factor host to return to Love Island amid her charge. 

Row: The TV star was charged for common assault following a row with her boyfriend Lewis Burton, 27 (pictured in October)

Love Island commissioning editor Amanda told The Mirror: ‘We are continuing to talk to Caroline. We are in constant contact and the door is open.’ 

An ITV spokesperson confirmed to MailOnline: ‘ITV has a long standing relationship with Caroline and we understand and accept her decision. We will remain in contact with her over the coming months about future series of Love Island.’ 

Ahead her debut, Irish beauty Laura admitted that her dream role as Love Island’s new presenter has been overshadowed by the controversy surrounding predecessor Caroline’s arrest.

‘It’s not a great situation at all,’ she said. ‘It’s not ideal and Caroline has been incredible. She messaged me before ITV contacted me and said that she really hoped I got the role.

Best wishes: On Sunday, the host, 40, wrote, ‘Massive good luck to Laura, Iain [Stirling] and the team for tonights launch show… the first one always the best one. Caroline x’ [sic]

‘She said, “I know how much of a fan you are of the show”. I just thought that was so lovely. I’m so happy to do the show, but I just wish it was in a different situation.’

Laura reflected on her role after flying to South Africa’s Cape Town, where she will introduce 12 new contestants from a sprawling new villa on the outskirts of the coastal city. 

And she admits her first priority was to contact Caroline personally after being approached for the coveted presenting job.

She recalled: ‘I think when they first had that conversation, I said, ‘If I do get offered this, can I talk to Caroline before it goes to the press or anything like that?’

Former co-stars: The ITV star also expressed her appreciation towards voiceover artist Iain Stirling (pictured in 2017), who is in a long-term relationship with Laura, 34

Of the initial approach, Laura admits she was shell-shocked after her agent called her as she prepared to fly home for her mother’s birthday.

‘It was just before Christmas and I was going to go back to Ireland up to Edinburgh for work up there, then back to London and back to Ireland again,’ she said.

‘I was flying to Dublin and my agent called and said that ITV would like to with me in the next few hours. I was like, ‘Oh, I’m at the airport’. 

‘He was like, “What are you doing at the airport?” I was like “Err, it’s my mum’s birthday”. And then I said, “Let me just ring my mum first”, so I did and she was like, “I can see you at Christmas, don’t worry about it!”‘

While Caroline epitomised Love Island prior to her abrupt departure, Laura believes boyfriend and show narrator Iain’s off-beat, irreverent humour is what sustains it as she prepares to work with him for the very first time.

Speaking out: The blonde last shared a post on her Instagram on Christmas Eve – when she insisted she will ‘not be silenced’

‘Iain is the heart of this show, his humour and what he does with it is basically what the general public are like watching the show,’ she explained.

‘Everyone is like, ‘what is it like to work together?’ But I get to be in the villa, he’s in a voice-over booth. He’s been ringing me up asking what it’s like, what’s Cape Town like, what’s the hotel like and what’s the villa like. 

‘He’s worked on this for so many series, but I can kind of like be giving him some [information] It’s a weird situation. We’re just going to see how it goes.’

A self-confessed Love Island super-fan, the star stated that she plans to adopt the same motherly, protective approach as her predecessor when in the villa.

Already closely associated with the show through comedian boyfriend Iain, Laura revealed she’s previously offered support to one former Islander after watching her leave with a broken heart.

Almost time: The new host revealed that her predecessor was ‘incredible’ and contacted her  before ITV got in touch offering the gig

‘Last year, Amy Hart when she came out, there was that episode where she was incredible,’ she recalled.

‘I was in Majorca visiting Iain and I was at the airport flying back and I bumped into her. I was starstruck and went up to her and said, ‘I just want to say what you did was incredible’.

‘But I didn’t realise she hadn’t spoken to anyone since she came out or even really seen the reaction.

‘I gave her a hug and when I saw her afterwards she told me I had no idea what that meant to her. She didn’t know everyone was on her side, and it was nice for her to see that. It’s impossible not to be attached.’

She added: ‘I think we forget that they’re real people. We’re watching it as a show, but it’s not Coronation Street – these people are real and their emotions are real. 

New role: Ahead her debut, Irish beauty Laura admits her role as Love Island’s new presenter has been overshadowed by the controversy surrounding predecessor Caroline’s arrest

‘I remember last year, Molly-Mae broke down in tears and collapsed because Tommy didn’t come back with anyone from Casa Amor, and you just become attached.

‘So I think you’d have to be very cold to not become attached or protective. I haven’t met them yet, so I haven’t had that experience of seeing stuff in papers and being in there as well. It’s only natural that you will have that motherly (instinct).’

Laura arrived knowing full well that fans will be keenly judging her as Caroline’s replacement, and has already been approached by complete strangers with messages of support – making the prospect of stepping in as presenter an even more daunting one.

She added: ‘The whole thing just feels intimidating because it’s such a huge show, and I’m a huge fan and I know it so well. When I was on the plane coming over, the lovely air hostess woke me up and she said, “Good luck with the show!” Then I was at the hotel and an older guy came up to me and said, “I love the show, good luck!”

‘It’s such a big show that everyone knows you’re doing it. The show itself, I’m like, “Oh, I can do this. I’ve worked in TV a while”, but then so many people love this show so much. I just want to do it justice and just be me.’

Love Island continues on Monday at 9pm on ITV2.

Love match: Will the new couples remain loyal and stand the test of time? Or will heads be turned at the very first chance?


                             OLLIE & PAIGE

Made In Chelsea: Ollie counts Prince Charles among his well-heeled neighbours

Name: Ollie Williams

Age: 23

Location: Cornwall

Occupation: Heir to the Lanhydrock 

Claim to fame? ‘My father is Lord of the Manor of Lanhydrock. The family title is Viscount Clifden. When my father passes away or abdicates, as the eldest child, I will take on the titles and the estate.’

Dating disasters? Once got cat-fished by a 50-year-old man.

Someone You Loved: Lewis Capaldi’s ex is hoping to find love in the villa 

 Name: Paige Turley 

Age: 22 

Location: West Lothian

Occupation: Singer 

Claim to fame? ‘[Singer] Lewis Capaldi is my ex boyfriend. We went out when we were younger, I was about 17 or 18. 

‘We were together for about a year.

 It ended really amicably and we’re still pals.’

                             NAS & SIANNIESE 

A Whole New World: Could Nas be Aladdin for Siânnise?

 Name: Nas Majeed

Age: 23

Location: London

Occupation: Sports science graduate and builder

Celebrity crush? Naomi Scott [Princess Jasmine in the live-action remake of Aladdin].  

Love me, love me! Siânnise likes herself a bit of Romeo + Juliet-era Leo 

 Name: Siânnise Fudge

Age: 25

Location: Bristol 

Occupation: Beauty consultant 

Ideal man? ‘Tall dark and handsome – my friends call me Princess Jasmine. I’m after my own Aladdin, I guess.’

Celebrity crush? 90s Leo DiCaprio.

                       SOPHIE & CONNOR

Pop star sibling: Sophie’s sister is Rochelle Humes 

Name: Sophie Piper

Age: 21

Location: Essex

Occupation: Medical PA

Claim to fame? Half-sister of The Saturdays star-turned-TV presenter Rochelle Humes.

Celebrity crush? ‘Anthony Joshua. Whenever I see him fight, I yell, “Come on, use your right hook!” I have no idea what I’m talking about.’ 

Fancy a cuppa? Connor is a coffee bean salesman 

 Name: Connor Durman

Age: 25

Location: Brighton 

Occupation: Coffee bean salesman

Fun Fact: He was a naked waiter in Sydney.

Dating history: ‘I went on a date with a girl. She asked me back to her house for some more drinks and let’s just say I ended up getting on really well with her housemate…’

                           LEANNE & MIKE

Leanne Leanne! ‘I’m a 10. If you don’t love yourself, who will?’ 

Name: Leanne Amaning

Age: 22

Location: London

Occupation: Customer service advisor 

Dating disasters? ‘A guy once started rapping acapella to me. 

‘I was sat there awkwardly and had to clap afterwards.’

How far are you prepared to go in the villa to get the guy you want? ‘If I want something, I’ll get it.’  

 You’re fired! Mike’s brother was on The Apprentice

Name: Mike Boateng

Age: 24

Location: London 

Occupation: Police Officer 

Claim to fame? I know a few footballer friends from my football days. Dominic Calvert-Lewin played with me at Sheffield United. My brother, Samuel, was on The Apprentice a few years ago.’

Good at flirting? ‘I’m lucky because of my job I can use the cheeky lines about getting handcuffs out! It normally works!’ 

                       SHAUGHNA & CALLUM 

No no no! Shaughna won’t put up with f**kboys [anymore!] 

Name: Shaughna Phillips  

Age: 25

Location: London

Occupation: Democratic services officer 

Best feature? ‘My lips. I spent enough money on them!’

Celebrity crush? ‘[Love Island 2018 winner] Jack Fincham is a bit of me on toast!’ 

Oddly specific! ‘I always fancy girls with dark hair, red lipstick and white nail polish’ 

Name: Callum Jones

Age: 23

Location: Manchester

Occupation: Scaffolder 

Ideal woman: ‘I always fancy girls with dark hair, tanned skin, red lipstick and white nail polish.’

Celebrity crush? Megan Fox.

What song sums up your love life? La Bouche, Be My Lover.


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