Louise Minchin: ‘Full of trepidation’ BBC Breakfast star talks nerves about big change

BBC Breakfast star Louise Minchin, 50, spoke out about her experiences with the menopause, a natural part of ageing that usually occurs between 45 and 55 years of age, as a woman’s oestrogen levels decline, the NHS states. Louise spoke out about her struggles with heart palpitations, hot flushes, anxiety and being short tempered in short documentary. She began the menopause process three years ago and said the experience made her feel like she was “going over some sort of cliff-edge”. “I was full of trepidation,” she added. “But I just had this nagging feeling we should be doing something about the menopause.”

I just had this nagging feeling we should be doing something about the menopause.

Louise Minchin

She continued: “The younger generation are so good at talking about periods and being open so why aren’t we?”

Louise went on to say she felt supported by colleagues at work after speaking out.

The presenter added to The Telegraph: “We wanted to start to talk about it and I felt really nervous at the beginning of this week, but I have genuinely been touched, overwhelmed by all the messages, thank you so much.”

She said she felt back to her “old self” with the help of hormone replacements, progestrone tablets, oestrogen gel and exercise.

“Exercise helps with my symptoms. Every single bike ride, run, or swim helps me feel better,” she told the publication.

Louise also praised her husband David Minchin, 55, and their two daughters Scarlett, 14, and Mia, 17.

She added: “If I am being a bit grumpy, they say, ‘Mummy, have you been for a run today?’ And they are always right.”

Earlier this month, Louise took to Twitter to share a clip of her addressing the menopause.

In view of her 155,000 followers, she wrote: “It feels scary saying this on TV, but I know I am not alone. #BBCMenopause #BBCBreakfast.”

Elsewhere, Louise’s co-star Dan Walker, 42, responded to a Twitter user who asked whether he had plans to leave the programme.

The Twitter user praised Dan and Louise for their presenting skills, but quizzed them about their time on the programme.

They commented: “I really hope you are not leaving BBC you and Louise are amazing at the job, my mornings were never be the same without team L.D.”

Dan replied: “No plans to leave anytime soon. Thank you so much for watching.”

His post prompted many of his 564,000 followers to share their thoughts.

One user commented: “Don’t leave Dan, you & Louise so much better than him on the other side.”

A second penned: “Good don’t know what I would do.”

BBC Breakfast airs weekdays at 6am on BBC One.

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