Lorde Shares ‘Oceanic Feeling’ Video In Celebration Of ‘Solar Power’ Anniversary

Lorde recently shared a music video for “Oceanic Feeling,” a song from her third studio album Solar Power.

Lorde’s 20-year-old younger brother Angelo is also featured in the beachside video, which was released on the eve of the first anniversary of Solar Power.

“Who you see in this video is who I truly am, or who I want to be — open, laid bare, water glittering on my skin, speaking directly to you, nothing to hide or prove, just me,” Lorde said in a newsletter sent to her fans. “The person with me is my other half and best mate, my brother Angelo.”

“Born on the same day five years apart, we’ve always shared a super close bond. I knew by putting him in the video, I’d be showing myself exactly as I am. Can’t be anyone else when that kid’s around,” added the “Mood Ring” singer.

Lorde, 25, said that “Oceanic Feeling” is the seventh and last music video made for the album.

(Photo: Ophelia Mikkelson Jones)

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