Lizzo Just Wrote a Song About Voting You Need to Hear—And Act On

Lizzo has posted several important messages to Instagram about the Black Lives Matter protests currently happening all over the country. But the latest, published on June 2, utilizes a medium the Grammy winner knows incredibly well: music.

The “Truth Hurts” singer-rapper wrote a song about voting that you need to hear—and act on. “Hey, world, what’s up?” she sings, which you can see in the video post, below. “You know what’s up? Do you know what time it is? It’s time to vote!”

“Hey you!” she wrote in text over the video. “Do you know how you can help make a change today? Vote presidential primaries today!” She then listed several states where presidential primary elections are currently happening, including Iowa, South Dakota, and Rhode Island.

Lizzo added links to her Instagram caption of places people can visit for voter registration. See it all for yourself here:

This is one of several videos Lizzo has posted lately. Lizzo recently posted another melody (this time using some very cool Auto-Tune effects) with a very clear message to presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden about the black vote: “You gonna have to do more than just get it. You gonna have to go out and earn it,” she sings.

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She also shared this great tweet about the different ways people are choosing to participate in the resistance:

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Thank you. Take a deep breath and let that sink in.

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But perhaps the most necessary thing she’s posted is this video explaining why it’s not black people’s responsibility to educate white people on race issues. “Black people: This is your daily reminder that it is not your job to educate people on racism or white privilege,” she said. “It is exhausting and if they don’t see it or believe it by now, they don’t want to. There are Googles and there are books, and they can do that for themselves.”

She then added, “White people: This is your daily reminder that as long as you stay silent, you are a part of the problem. I know you’re not racist, but you have to be more than that. You have to be anti-racist. Speak up.”

On that note, here are a list of ways you can get involved right now.

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