Lindsey Stirling Dances Around With Mark Ballas in Dreamy ‘Warmer in the Winter’ Music Video – Watch Now!

Lindsey Stirling whirls around a wintery set with Mark Ballas for her dreamy “Warmer in the Winter” music video.

The talented musician called on her former DWTS partner and good friend to star in the video with her, and it was so perfect!

“It was a one-shot music video that involved three different styles of ballroom dance,” Lindsey told Forbes in an interview.

She adds, “I never would’ve had the courage to do a one-shot music video in heels, in ballroom. I just would not have had the confidence or the skills to do so. But after that experience, it was like, ‘Heck, I went out and performed on live TV in front of millions of people.’ These foxtrots and quick steps and jives. I was like, ‘I can do a one-take music video with this.’”

Lindsey says that the video “turned out so cute. It was very much inspired by the old musicals like Singin’ in the Rain.”

Check out the video below!

FYI: Lindsey is also pictured at Build Series on Tuesday (December 11) in New York City.

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