Lily Allen Grenfell tribute ends in C-Bomb rant

This year some of the biggest names in music are playing Isle of Wight 2019.

As well as Noel Gallagher and the High Flying Birds, Anne-Marie, Jax Jones and Bastille will take to the stage over the weekend.

Speaking ahead of his Friday night set, Jax admitted despite earning a living on the dancefloor, he never hits the bottle when playing to his boozy fans.

Jax said: “My Ibiza is the opposite of wild partying or being messy.

“I like to just be really chill and get massages in my room. I like just waking up to the sunrise.”

The All Day and Night producer continued: “The parties start late so when you finish the party you walk out to a sunrise which is great.”

When asked if he demands a boozy ryder with magnums of vodka and champagne, the British star laughed: “I don’t ask for loads of bottles in the club.

“It’s not that I am low maintenance it is that you can’t bang out the hits if you are drunk all the time.”

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