Les Dennis quips about cost of his divorces in new interview and job that paid for them

Les Dennis reveals Family Fortunes 'paid me well'

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Television star Les Dennis is no stranger when it comes to earning his way through work. Now, the former Coronation Street actor has joked that his time presenting a popular ITV game show assisted his legal fees, when divorcing his two former wives.

It kind of paid me well.

Les Dennis

Les, 67, has addressed his eight-year-long marriage to Britain’s Got Talent judge, Amanda Holden, 50.

The once-happy couple made the decision to divorce back in 2003 after the Wild at Heart actress engaged in an extramarital affair with fellow actor, Neil Morrissey.

Amanda and Les, who had an age gap of 18 years, first met when they were both performing in The Sound of Music back in 1993.

They went on to tie the knot just two years later in 1995 but separated in 2000 after Amanda’s affair came to light.

Les had previously been married to Lynne Webster between 1974 and 1990 before the couple made the decision to divorce.

In a new interview, Les claimed he worked all year round which resulted in him being “paid well”, before joking that it helped his legal bills and settlements during his two divorces.

Speaking on the Show and Tell with Christopher Biggins podcast, the Garston, Liverpool, born star said: “I did it [Family Fortunes] for I think, 16 years, yeah, I did 16 years on Family Fortunes.

“We recorded the whole series, 16 shows in three weeks, so it meant that the rest of the year, it kind of paid me well.”

He continued: “I could go off and do a rep play at Oldham Coliseum or you know, Birmingham Rep and learn my craft as an actor.

“That’s how I’ve managed out of Family Fortunes to kind of change direction, I think.”

Les added: “Because that’s what I did when I was off,” to which Biggins joked: “I didn’t realise you were a multi-millionaire!”

“Two divorces, Chris! I’ve had two divorces,” Les joked while struggling to contain his laughter.

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Les recently reflected on his marriage and subsequent divorce from Amanda Holden, poking fun at her “Bob The Builder” lover, Neil.

While looking back to his time in pantomimes alongside Hollywood legend Mickey Rooney, Les revealed that one period in Sunderland rattled the latter.

The theatre in question is believed to have played Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas by none other than Frank Sinatra.

“Mickey would get very angry, because of course, Frank Sinatra ran off with Ava Gardner [Mickey’s wife],” Les revealed.

He went on to joke: “It would’ve been like me having to listen to Bob The Builder every night,” referencing Neil’s time voicing character Bob.

While both Amanda and Les may have now found their happily ever after, Amanda has previously revealed that the fallout from her affair with Neil cast a dark shadow over her life.

She said: “I brought it on myself, I appreciate that, but nothing will ever be as bad again. It was a very dark time. It got to the point where I felt I could hardly breathe.

“Les proved to be my saviour. Ironically. So the person I’d hurt the most in the world was the one who was there for me,” Amanda told the Daily Mail.

Les has married for the third time, tying the knot with Clare Nicholson, with who he shares two children with.

Meanwhile, Amanda is now married to Chris Hughes, with who she shares two daughters with.

Fans can listen to Les Dennis’ full interview on Christopher Biggins’ Show And Tell, here.

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