Kristen Wiig Goes WHERE To Sneak A Break From Her Newborn Twins!?

Kristen Wiig can’t go to Vista Del Mar to get a break from her newborn twins, but she has the next best thing: the curb outside her house!

The Saturday Night Live alum made a hilarious revelation during her appearance on The Late Late Show with James Corden on Monday, where the 47-year-old actress and her Barb & Star Go to Vista Del Mar co-star Annie Mumolo talked about parenting during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Kristen said the twins she welcomed with husband Avi Rothman via surrogate are about 15 months old now, so naturally momma has her hands full. When James Corden, who is a dad of three himself, asked her if she ever gets “a break,” the star responded with a laugh:

“Um, I go outside and sit on the curb sometimes. Because I’m afraid, I don’t wanna go on a full walk because then sometimes I feel like, ‘Oh, I should be there.’ But I need to get out, so I sit on the curb. Or just walk around in the driveway and FaceTime Annie.”

Ha! Driveways: the new Palm Springs!

Mumolo, who is a mother to a 14-year-old and 10-year-old, chimed in:

“It feels like a vacation when you just go out the door.”

Wiig added, jokingly:

“You forget, a walk really helps. But then when you’re in the house, you’re like, ‘I can’t be saved.’”

Hey, whatever works!

While she may need a break from them sometimes, Kristen is absolutely in love with her newborn twins — whom, as we reported, she seemingly gave a shout out to in the end credits of her new comedy flick.

In the “special thanks” acknowledgements, the star dedicated a line to “Ari, Luna & Shiloh.” Although the monikers have not been confirmed, it’s safe to say those are indeed Wiig’s kids’ names, as Annie’s children are thanked right below them.

Recently, Kristen opened up about going into quarantine right after the arrival of her babies, noting that while she’s enjoyed the quality time with the twins, not being able to socialize the little ones has been a struggle.

She told People:

“My babies aren’t even walking yet. I want to be home with them, so that has been a positive for me, of course. But also they don’t get to see anybody. I have really close friends that haven’t seen my kids in a long time… And my parents, I haven’t seen them in a really long time, so we’ve been FaceTiming with the babies every day. They’re living in such a bubble, and that I can’t have them interact and be social has been a little bit challenging.”

Obviously these are difficult times, but it’s good to know Kristen can go to Vista del Curb anytime she wants to catch a break from the pandemic parenting chaos!

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