Kristen Doute: I Was Fired Instead of Jax Taylor Because Bravo is SEXIST

Right now, the whole Vanderpump Rules world is abuzz with the news that Jax and Brittany are expecting.

But to some, this news is just a reminder that Jax Taylor hasn’t been fired. Is sexism protecting his reality career?

We’ll walk you through how this question came up and how it appears that Kristen Doute believes it to be true.

It started, of course, with Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright’s news. They are expecting their first child together.

Whether it’s “happy” news or not likely depends upon whether you think that they’re going to be good parents, but it’s happening regardless.

“What’s with this double standard?” one commenter asks.

The double standard is one “where Jax’s consistent and remorseless behavior is ignored.”

“And,” the commenter continues, “everyone holds grudges towards Kristen for doing less years ago?”

The commenter observes: “It’s like a f–king cult.”

This lone fan’s scathing remarks got some attention — and some agreement.

In the comments below Kristen Doute’s post, someone answered the “what’s with this double standard?” question.

“SEXISM” reads a reply.

While at first glance, this may appear to come from Kristen Doute herself, this comes from a Kristen fanpage.

However, a growing number of fans believe that Kristen herself feels the same way.

This isn’t just some random fanpage. Kristen herself follows it.

So do her family members. And so does her boyfriend.

A follow isn’t necessarily the same as an endorsement, but it’s probably fair to say that Kristen likes the sorts of things that this page posts about her.

Others followed up with similar comments.

“Kristen was fired for cussing out a manager,” points out the commenter who raised the double standard question.

“But Jax went into a rage and cussed out the entire staff including LVP,” the fan notes, “and he wasn’t even suspended.”

“He actively enjoys hurting people,” the commenter goes on to claim about Jax.

“And,” the fan opines, “has never shown true remorse that wasn’t prompted or to save himself.”

That … is actually pretty difficult to dispute, based upon his pattern of behavior.

Notably, Kristen Doute’s fans are far from the only ones observing that Jax is not a good dude.

This summer, 90 Day Fiance star Ashley Martson exposed Jax’s cruel DMs and comments to her.

She argued that he was being racist towards her then-husband, Jay Smith. As we explained at the time, she was right about his comments.

Former Vanderpump Rules star Billie Lee has also called out Jax for being a bigot and a jerk.

Billie described Jax as having refused to film with her because she is transgender.

That is nothing short of appalling to hear.

So, is sexism at the root of Jax’s apparent immunity to firing?

Without knowing more about Bravo and LVP’s decision-making processes, it is impossible to know with certainty.

But it would hardly be the first time that people make excuses for men doing the things that get women in trouble, widely hated by fans, and even fired.

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