Kim Kardashian’s marriage dissolution is stalled because Kanye refuses to sign

In December, Kim Kardashian filed to dissolve her marriage to Kanye West before they had worked out the financial and custodial issues. This is becoming increasingly common, especially when the divorce has a lot of moving parts, a lot of money at stake or contentious custody issues. Brad Pitt and Angelina’s marriage was dissolved and their divorce is nowhere near being completed. Kelly Clarkson got a marriage dissolution as well. In Kimye’s case, Kim has all of her legal ducks in a row and Kanye doesn’t. Kim even noted that in her statement this past weekend, writing: “I wish to handle all matters regarding our children privately and hopefully he can finally respond to the third attorney he has had in the last year to resolve any issues amicably.” Kanye keeps firing his lawyers and restarting the process with new lawyers. All of which means that he hasn’t been responding to Kim’s filings, like her request to dissolve the marriage.

The divorce is stalled: Their divorce proceedings, which began nearly a year ago after the SKIMS founder filed papers to end their six-year marriage, remain stalled. “Kim is still trying to get the ‘married’ status dissolved to ‘single’ before they finalize the divorce, but Ye has yet to sign,” a source close to the situation told E! News. “Moving this divorce along isn’t something he’s acting quickly on, despite Kim’s efforts.”

Kanye won’t work with Kim through the lawyers to determine stuff like the kids’ social media: Ultimately, rules regarding the social media activities of the former couple’s kids could be decided as part of a future custody agreement. California family law attorney Elizabeth Nigro, who is not working with either Kim or Kanye, told E! News. “Every judge is going to have a different viewpoint. But the law is that the court can order one parent or the other to have sole decision-making authority on this type of issue.”

Kim isn’t playing around anymore: Another source told E! News that Kim “has sat back and always taken the high road to protect the kids as best as she can.” The insider added that Kim is “doing everything for her kids to give them the most stable and normal life that she can. She doesn’t appreciate Kanye coming in and tearing her down. She isn’t going to stand for it and she’s not afraid of him. She has put up with so much and she’s done with being nice.”

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I respect Kim for taking a hard line and not being cowed by Kanye’s toxic meltdowns or the enormous public pressure being exerted on her to “make nice” and “stop being mean to Kanye” or whatever. If you don’t think North should be on TikTok, fine, we agree with Kanye on that. But surely Kanye should… say that to his f–king lawyer, right? Surely Kanye should drag Kim to court to get her to delete North’s TikTok? So why is Kanye instead waging a public smear campaign on Kim? Because it’s not about TikTok. It’s about Kanye wanting to control and bully Kim. It’s also about how he’s desperate for Kim’s attention, negative or positive. He cannot believe that she’s not running after him and taking care of him anymore.

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