Kim Kardashian's daughter North West shows off collection of handbags

Kim Kardashian’s daughter North West, eight, shows off her collection of expensive handbags… after she got into trouble for live-streaming on TikTok without Kim’s permission

Her mother banned her from going live on TikTok without supervision after she filmed her relaxing in bed.

But North West was back to posting on Wednesday with some more supervision as she shared a taste of her family’s wealth with her 2.8 million TikTok followers.

The eight-year-old daughter of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West shared a short video highlighting her pricy collection of handbags.

Incredible collection: Kim Kardashian’s daughter North, eight, was back to showing off her home and wealth on TikTok on Wednesday with a tour of her stunning handbag collection, worth tens of thousands of dollars

In North’s short clip, she approached an array of shelves on a wall that were covered with a stunning array of bags.

She applied a sparkling filter to the video, which made the bags gleam in the light, but it almost wasn’t necessary, as she appeared to have numerous handbags that were already decorated with sparkling sequins and studs. 

‘These are my bags,’ she simply captioned the video.

Among some of the more notable designs was a glittering Judith Leiber bag shaped like a slice of pepperoni pizza, which sells for around $5,700.

North had another Judith Leiber bag resembling the pumpkin carriage Cinderella rides in the classic Disney animated film, which costs about the same amount, along with a purple gummy bear–shaped bag from the same brand that costs close to $5,500. 

‘These are my bags’: North had several Judith Leiber bags that cost more than $5,000, including ones shaped like a pepperoni pizza slice, Cinderella’s carriage and a gummy bear

Pricy: Other eye-catching designs included a Judith Leiber doughnut bag, but she also had more reserved looks from Balenciaga and Louis Vuitton

Special occasions: The top corner included scarlet designs and a $3,800 Dior saddlebag, though North likely uses those less, as she may not be able to reach the top shelf

There were also more traditional — but still colorful — designs, including a cream-colored Louis Vuitton clutch with a candy-colored pattern, and a Balenciaga bag that was obscured by Cinderella’s carriage.

Among her silly food-inspired bags was another Judith Leiber bag covered in sparkles that was shaped like a doughnut, which costs just under $4,200.

North panned her phone from right to left and focused it toward the upper shelves, which featured several eye-catching scarlet bags.

She had some more reserved black bags on the top shelf, including a black patterned Dior saddlebag, which runs for around $3,800.

However, it didn’t appear that she could reach the top shelf, which suggested she didn’t regularly use those items.

Learned her lesson? Kim said North ‘felt bad’ after she got a scolding, and she was unlikely to violate her privacy in the future, so she was allowed to post on TikTok once again

North was back to revealing aspects of the massive home she shares with her mother and siblings after she was scolded for filming her mother while she was alone in bed, which was broadcast live to her millions of followers on the Kim and North TikTok account, which they both operate.

On Tuesday, Kim shared a series of ‘mature’ texts she received from her 12-year-old nephew Mason Disick after North’s invasive live-stream.

The 41-year-old Keeping Up With The Kardashians star shared text messages on Tuesday that showed Mason urging her to ban her daughter from doing any lives in the future.  

‘Hi I don’t wanna disrespect north but I don’t think she should do the lives unless someone is with her because people are always screen recording and she might tell information that isn’t correct and stuff like that,’ Mason warned Kim in a text message that she saved a screenshot of. 

Very mature: Kim , 41, saluted her nephew Mason Disick, 12, as an ‘insightful king’ after he offered some wise advice about North West’s invasive TikTok videos on Tuesday

He added that North might ‘regret’ sharing her family’s personal information, and he said he ‘did the exact same thing as her’ and he now regretted ‘saying one of the things’ that he mentioned in public.

Mason clarified that his suggestion was ‘just in case for safety.’

Kim seemed overjoyed to know that Mason, who celebrated his birthday on Tuesday, had such good advice.

‘Now Mason is so mature!’ she gushed in her caption. ‘An insightful king [crown emoji].’

Good point: Kim wrote that Mason was ‘so mature’ after he texted her to say that North might regret her TikTok live videos if she revealed family secrets or incorrect information

Family conference: ‘I appreciate you looking out Mason,’ she replied, and he said he would be happy to advise North in person

She replied: ‘I appreciate you looking out Mason And I agree.’

Kim said North ‘felt bad’ after she got a scolding, and she was unlikely to violate her privacy again, though she though Mason might be the right one to talk to her about it.

‘I’d love to talk to her about it,’ he texted back. ‘Next time I come over maybe.’ 

Kim responded: ‘I would love that! Thank you! Sleep over soon?’

She concluded her post by calling Mason a ‘helpful king.’ 

Kim also helped celebrate Mason’s birthday by posting an adorable photo of him as a baby when he was small enough to be carried around in her Goyard bag.

‘LOL Mason used to be so little,’ she captioned the cute snap. 

Teeny tiny: Another photo showed Mason when he was young as he fit inside her Goyard bag

North was back on TikTok Monday after her mom Kim reprimanded her for live-streaming while she was relaxing in bed.

In a post on @kimandnorth, North was seen enjoying family time with her mother, brother Saint, six, and sister Chicago, three.

In the post, North donned a holiday-themed top as she panned out to reveal Chicago, Kim and Saint moving to the sound of a Drilla remix with a sped-up baseline from Queen’s Another One Bites the Dust.

The latest: North West, eight, was back on TikTok Monday after Kim reprimanded her for live-streaming while she was relaxing in bed

In the clip, Kim was clad in a casual ensemble of a black shirt and matching leggings. North also shared a clip in which she and her younger sister played with dolls under a Christmas tree.

The clip came a day after Kim told North not to live-stream her after she gave a real-time tour of the family home without permission.

Kim told North, ‘Stop, you know you’re not allowed to,’ after North told Kim, ‘Mom, I’m live,’ as she walked into the bedroom.

The pair launched the TikTok account more than two weeks ago, and in that short time, the reality star and the eldest of her four children have garnered more than 2.1 million followers.

The duo: Kim and her daughter launched their own TikTok page just over two weeks ago. In the clip, Kim was clad in a casual ensemble of a black shirt and matching leggings 

In the post, North donned a holiday-themed top as she panned out to reveal Chicago, Kim and Saint moving to the sound of a Drilla remix with a sped-up baseline from Queen’s Another One Bites the Dust

Having fun: Kim and her daughter Chicago were seen relaxing in the social media clip 

Mischievous: Kim Kardashian’s eldest daughter North got in trouble on Sunday for going live on TikTok without her mother’s permission

North’s mischievous clip featured a tour of the family’s posh Hidden Hills mansion, which is decked out in Christmas decorations. 

Among the first places she roams into in the clip appears to be her own bedroom, which featured an all-pink theme in stark contrast to the minimalist theme of the rest of the home.  

She shows off an ornament described as a ‘gingerbread thing’ before bounding out to see another room.

While narrating her walk, and chatting to other children at the house, including her brothers and sister, North announces ‘lets go downstairs we have rented this Sing thing,’ in a reference to decorations and arts and crafts all related to the new animated sequel film, Sing 2.

Making the rounds: North began her live feed by showing a few family pictures and photos

Peekaboo: North can be seen in the mirror as she shoots the live feed while in her bedroom 

Bedroom view: With several kids trailing her, including her brother Chicago, six, North leads a group tour round the house 

Christmas decorations: North mentions her ‘gingerbread thing’ in the video

Sing decor: North announces ‘lets go downstairs we have rented this Sing thing,’ in a reference to decorations and arts and crafts related to the new animated sequel film, Sing 2, that are setup on the bottom floor and in the backyard

As North makes her way down the stairs she asks her playmates to ‘say yes’ if they want her to show off the Sing 2 decors that has been set up in the bottom floor and backyard of their mansion. 

They even do a countdown, ‘3, 2, and 1,’ before unveiling the beginnings of the Sing decor.

The kids then all take turns showcasing the various cutouts and blowup characters from the musical comedy film that premiered in Los Angles the very same day, but is slated to drop in theaters across the country on December 22.

‘So we still got some Sing things,’ she says, before one young boy runs up to the camera and declares, ‘North is live. North is live. North your live. No, not fair, TikTok live,’ he yells in a frantic pace and tone, all while smiling. He adds, ‘Not allowed to be live,’ in the remaining few seconds of the clip.

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Sing party: Once downstairs, the camera is fixated on the various Sing decor for a party that’s being held at the family house

Sweet: There’s even extravagant treats set up along the bottom floor including a giant cake 

Adorable hostess: North proceeds outside and giggles much of the way while showing off the decorations 

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Family affair: North’s siblings are mulling about as she moves her tour back inside

Thrown under the bus: North is live. North is live. North your live. No, not fair, TikTok live,’ Reign yells in a frantic pace and tone, all while smiling

Busted: North followed up with a quick 11 second clip where she confesses to be going live on TikTok to her mother, who appears to be laying in bed

Sensing she may have crossed the line with her mother, North shoots back, ‘Okay bye,’ and signs off of the live feed, but not before Kim K is heard saying, ‘Is she really going live?’ to an unknown female voice that answers, ‘I don’t know. 

When shared on the Kardashian News page, the clip was captioned: ‘North gets in trouble for going live.

‘North went live on Tiktok and Kim had no idea. And this was after she gave a full house tour. I hope Kim doesn’t mind this because I have never seen her more relatable than this! I feel like we are getting to see the Kardashians from a new lens and I think it will only impact them positively. As long as North doesn’t expose any family secrets.’

Spoiled: Kim also did a tour of her Christmas decorations after North landed into trouble for her live tour

Winter wonderland: Her Christmas tree looked epic with fake snow

Oh deer: There were baby reindeer as decorations

Must be nice: Kim had Grammy winning producer Philip Cornish on hand to play Christmas songs on the piano

Hanging out: Kim marked her nephew Reign Disick’s birthday with a cute photo of him crouched down with her son Saint

Suited up: Reign and Saint looked hilarious in boxy suits that were inspired by one of Kanye West’s looks from a music video

Bath time! Reign grinned while covered in bubbles as he took a bath

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