Kim Kardashian Flaunts Major Cleavage In Animal Print Dress & Fans Go Wild: You’re A ‘Beautiful Queen’

Kim Kardashian has been sharing BTS pics of her dress fittings and her latest is a doozy. She’s flaunting an insane amount of cleavage in an animal print dress and her fans can’t get enough.

Just in case there’s any human on the planet who has not seen Kim Kardashian‘s insane cleavage, she’s giving fans another reminder of how amazing her breasts are. The 38-year-old posted a racy pic on Instagram on Nov. 28 where she was seated on the floor in an green snakeskin print sheer gown with a plunging neckline that was cut down to her waistline. That meant her chest was completely exposed and she gave her Instagram fans quite an eyeful.

Either she’s wearing her tried and true trick of boob taping to make breasts look lifted when going braless or her arms are helping squish her ladies closer together because her cleavage is looking extra perky in the photo. Kim is seated in front of racks of clothes and is flashing one of her legs while pulling the gown’s skirt up and simply captioned the pic “Fittings….” Hopefully we’ll see this dress on a red carpet soon because Kim looks amazing in it.

Of course her fans absolutely ate it up. “Just…no words,” one person wrote in the comments along with hearts for eyes smiling emojis. Many called her “beautiful” and a “queen.” Another fan told Kim the photo was “iconic” while another added “bit kinky, kim.” One person asked “Why can’t I be perfect like you Kim?” while another told her “You need a Barbie doll made of you 🔥 #perfection.”

Kim has been sharing a number of old gown fittings lately on the ‘gram. On Nov. 21 she posted an IG mirror pic in a skin tight black gown and captioned it “Funny when I look through my phone and find old fitting pics, sometimes the fittings look better then the actual final look lol.” Yesterday she showed off a glam low cut leg baring gown while a stylist was tightening the fabric around her waist, writing “Found this in my phone. Fitting at @viviennewestwood in London.” Kim’s probably got a treasure trove of sexy fitting photos so her latest one probably won’t be the last.

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