Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's Divorce Is Being "Stalled"

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West had a pretty intense weekend due to trading public statements about their daughter North West being on TikTok, and now E! News is out here reporting that their divorce has been “stalled.”

A source tells the outlet that “Kim is still trying to get the ‘married’ status dissolved to ‘single’ before they finalize the divorce, but Ye has yet to sign. Moving this divorce along isn’t something he’s acting quickly on, despite Kim’s efforts.”

Meanwhile another insider tells E! that Kim “has sat back and always taken the high road to protect the kids as best as she can” and that she is “doing everything for her kids to give them the most stable and normal life that she can. She doesn’t appreciate Kanye coming in and tearing her down. She isn’t going to stand for it and she’s not afraid of him. She has put up with so much and she’s done with being nice.”

So, why is Kanye holding up the divorce? A source tells Us Weekly that he “is putting divorce matters to the back burner. He didn’t choose divorce and isn’t liking that Kim is basically ‘winning’ so far when it comes to the kids [and] the home.” They added that Kanye’s comments make Kim “look like a bad person, but it’s not intentional” and that he’s “just trying to win power back.”

As of now, Kim hasn’t responded to Kanye’s most recent statements regarding their split on Instagram.

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