Khloe Kardashian states she ‘can survive anything’

Khloe Kardashian states she ‘can survive anything’ because she has a ‘strong mindset’… after Tristan cheated with Jordyn four months ago

Khloe Kardashian seems to have a very positive attitude about life after her world fell apart when Tristan Thompson cheated on her with Jordyn Woods.

When talking to E! recently, the star – who turns 35-years-old on Thursday – said she is looking for the beauty in life these days.

And the Keeping Up With The Kardashians standout added that it is her ‘strong mindset’ that has kept her on track.

Not crying at home: Khloe Kardashian seems to have a very positive attitude about life after her world fell apart when Tristan Thompson cheated on her with Jordyn Woods. When talking to E! recently, the star – who turns 35-years-old on Thursday – said she is looking for the beauty in life these days

Khloe was at her Novelle event on Saturday in LA when she chatted with the site. The interview was not shared until Monday evening.

‘Life is about ups and downs and I don’t think I planned—obviously, I didn’t plan for any of this to happen—but the beauty is that we can survive anything in life and it’s about a strong mindset and a good support system,’ said the blonde beauty.

She added, ‘Life is great so you just gotta find the beauty in it.’

And now it’s all about daughter True.

Back to good: Khloe was at her Novelle event on Saturday in LA when she chatted with the site. The interview was not shared until Monday evening

‘She is babbling like no other,’ said Khloe. 

And the one-year-old will start talking soon. ‘I know she is never going to stop talking once she starts, but it’s just so cute the little forms of communication she can do and everything for me is so rewarding,’ she added. 

Also this week People claimed that Khloe and Tristan were not in a strong relationship before he hooked up with Woods.

‘When the Jordyn drama happened, Khloe and Tristan were not in a proper relationship,’ said an insider. ‘They had not been for weeks. They didn’t even spend Valentine’s Day together, which was right before he messed around with Jordyn.’ 

Her mini me: And now it’s all about daughter True. ‘She is babbling like no other,’ said Khloe

But still Khloe wanted it to work. ;It was very difficult for her to find out about Tristan and Jordyn. But this is what made her realize that Tristan would never change. It was heartbreaking for her,’ said the source. 

This comes after Khloe said that she never received a sorry from Woods. 

Sunday’s episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians showed the drama unfold with Khloe confronting Jordyn, 21, after she was seen kissing the NBA player at a house party in February.

‘Now she’s like, ‘It wasn’t a big deal. It wasn’t intimate. It wasn’t sexual,” the Good American designer told sisters Kim and Kylie Jenner.

Kylie, who was BFFs with Jordyn at the time, said she also spoke to Jordyn on the phone and she just kept crying.

Kylie said to Khloe: ‘I was just telling her ‘I’m like, scared of you now, I bet you’re capable of waking up the next morning with a smile on your face’

Jordyn appeared to change her story several times throughout the episode and Khloe didn’t like how she was playing the whole thing down.

‘That’s not at all what she said on the phone to me, which is fine. Now she’s downplaying it,’ Khloe continued. ‘I’m not saying things can’t happen. I’m the most understanding, calm person ever. But Jordyn… never once has Jordyn said, ‘I’m sorry.” 

‘NOT OK! This comes after Khloe said that she never received a sorry from Woods

He did it again: ‘I’m not saying things can’t happen. I’m the most understanding, calm person ever. But Jordyn… never once has Jordyn said, ‘I’m sorry.” Khloe said

Also in the bombshell episode Khloe revealed that Tristan threatened to ‘kill himself’ shortly after the cheating scandal unfolded. 

During a conversation with sister Kourtney and Scott Disick, Khloe reached out to a mutual friend to check up on Tristan at his Cleveland to make sure that he was doing okay after fearing for his well-being, despite him hurting her.  

She explained:  ‘He’s like, ‘I can’t stop thinking about you and what mess I have caused’.

‘He’s doing this to get a reaction out of me. Oh, so I’m just allowed to say ‘I’m going to kill myself’ at any time? That’s crazy.’ 

Treachery episode: Khloe also revealed that Tristan Thompson threatened to ‘kill himself’ shortly after the Jordyn Woods cheating scandal on Sunday night’s episode of KUWTK

Scott said: ‘The fact that Khloé is sitting here heartbroken but still worrying about Tristan’s feelings and the possibilities of him being upset or possibly hurting himself, 

‘I mean, it just goes to show that Khloé is an unbelievable person that loves so hard and so much. 

‘Somehow she just keeps getting the short end of the stick, and it’s unfair and it’s hurtful and it’s really hard for me to sit and watch.’

It was Jordyn’s misstep, however, that may have caused the most agony, as even family matriarch Kris Jenner, 63, said she had become like ‘a second daughter’ over the years.

‘Jordyn didn’t think about me, she didn’t think about Kylie…she didn’t think about my daughter, she didn’t think about Tristan… and she didn’t think about herself,’ an astonished Khloé, 34, said to her sisters after finding out.

‘We all know what he’s capable of,’ she added, speaking of the man who was caught cheating on her right before she gave birth to True in April 2018. ‘I knew who he was. I never in a million years thought that’s who she was.’

Renovation plans: Meanwhile, Khloe shared her renovation plans with sisters Kylie and Kendall and Jordyn, who said she ‘be down to work out’ with Khloe at her home gym

As the episode opened, Khloé was in a considerably better place, leading sisters Kendall Jenner, 23, Kylie Jenner, 21, and Jordyn, Kylie’s best friend, around her home, which would soon be in the midst of renovations.

Khloé planned to add 3,000 square feet to her house, she said, building a master closet and sumptuous bathroom for two upstairs and turning her bottom floor into a gym with a floor-to-ceiling glass window, overlooking a ravine.

‘I’d be down to work out,’ said an impressed Jordyn.

Khloé had intended to head to Cleveland to see Tristan before he came to Los Angeles for the NBA All-Star Weekend, but nausea brought on by migraines saw her cancel the trip.

On a lark, she took a pregnancy test alongside Kylie and Kris to rule that out as a reason for her nausea.

All were negative, though Kris’s test result was unclear.

Big plans: Kris Jenner looked on as Khloe shared her plans for her home with Tristan

Pregnancy tests: Kylie suggested they all take pregnancy tests after Khloe complained of nausea

‘I’m so complicated it doesn’t know what to do,’ she said. ‘It’s never had anybody this old do a pregnancy test.’

Later, Khloé was so sick she was throwing up blood in the middle of the night, going temporarily ‘blind’ in her left eye.

‘Literally, my whole head feels bruised because it’s been pounding for so long—and it’s terrifying,’ said Khloé, who’d had suffered from migraines on and off ‘since sixth grade.’

Migraine headaches: Khloé was so sick she was throwing up blood in the middle of the night

Test results: The pregnancy test came back with unclear results for Kris

Cracking up: Khloe and Kris laughed while cracking jokes about her pregnancy test

The pain grew so intense, she skipped the flight in favor of undergoing an MRI to examine the tissue in her brain.

‘I just couldn’t go to Cleveland,’ she told her mom and sister Kourtney, 40. ‘

‘Something is in my head,’ Khloé swore. ‘Something is happening. I’ve been so stressed this whole weekend.’

Feeling down: Khloe had to cancel her trip to Cleveland due to her migraine headaches

To her doctor, Khloé confessed that she had been getting so nauseous, she’d even needed to wear sea-sickness bands on the family’s recent Bali trip, just to stave it off.

Her doctor asked Khloé to go off her birth control pill, then led Khloé into the room where she would have the tests.

‘The results were clear, which Khloé called ‘a weight off my shoulders’, but her doctor did offer one warning. 

Doctor visit: The reality star saw her doctor to figure out the source of her migraines and nausea

‘Every time you get stressed out, it can stimulate your migraine,’ she cautioned.

Khloé was moving into a rental as renovations began on her home—and at last, Tristan was finally in L.A, too.

‘I want everything to be fresh and perfect for him, but today I have a migraine again, and that’s just annoying, ’cause I want to see Tristan,’ she said. ‘I miss him.’

That changed quickly.

Her boyfriend, she later announced, had attended an NBA Weekend after-party at an Airbnb apartment he had rented for some of his guy friends and he wasn’t alone, either.

‘Jordyn was there,’ Khloé said. ‘He never came home.’

Her sister Kim, 38, heard the news from friend Larsa Pippen while preparing to do interviews for KUWTK.

The call: Kim got a call from friend Larsa Pippen telling her about Tristan and Jordyn

‘I don’t even know if I should tell you this,’ began Larsa, 44, after learning that a reporter was about to break the story. ‘Tristan and Jordyn were all over each other last night.’

‘He said that they were making out, and I immediately didn’t believe it,’ Kim said. ‘I was like, ”This can’t be true.”

Immediately, Kim, Khloé and Kourtney were on a conference call to discuss what had happened.

Group call: Kourtney and Kim got on a group call with Khloe and Kylie

Khloé said she had already spoken to Jordyn about it. 

‘She was like, ”He was trying to kiss me,” and was like, ”I can’t remember if we did or didn’t,” she told her sisters.

Kourtney, who was on her way to the interview room with Kim, was trapped outside the building with paparazzi shooting her photo just as the scandal began to break.

‘She said, ”I can’t remember if we kissed”,’ Khloé went on.

No memory: Kim listened as Khloe relayed her conversation with Jordyn

‘I said, ”If you are too nervous to tell me something, you can text me”,’ and she said, ”Okay,” and ”I’ll call you in five minutes”,’ she said. ‘Twenty minutes later, no call.’

Tristan was on a plane back to Cleveland, so the sisters were forced to sit and wait for any news from Jordyn.

‘I mean I need the whole f***ing truth,’ said Khloé.

Last person: Kim and her family were shocked that Jordyn was involved

‘It must be just such a frustrating situation for Khloé to be in, not knowing what’s going on and just wanting answers,’ Kim empathized.

They all got Kylie on the phone and she also was devastated.

‘I said, ”You need to call Khloé and tell her exactly what happened”,’ the beauty mogul said she’d told Jordyn.

Khloé agreed. 

‘It was weird that she didn’t text me at all that evening, ’cause every single time in the past, if Jordyn would ever see Tristan, she would text me, and say, ”Hey, I’m at so-and-so, Tristan’s here”.’

‘So Jordyn called me and said, ”I was your watchdog last night,” and she was there to protect me and keep an eye out,’ Khloé marveled, adding she’d been there until 7 a.m.

All night: Kim and Kourtney learned that Tristan did not come home after being at a party with Jordyn

‘You know, I just feel so bad for Khloé,’ Kim reflected. ‘Jordyn was someone that Khloé really trusted, and believed in, and supported, and employed, and you know, all of the above.’

The show flashed back to Khloé’s Good American denim shoot, for which Jordyn had been a model.

‘Jordyn, don’t disappoint me,’ Khloé had said.

Trust broken: Jordyn was shown in flashbacks with the Kardashians

Best friend: Kylie and Jordyn had been best friends since they were in middle school

‘When have I ever?’ Jordyn replied.

When Kendall heard the news, she fairly screamed.

‘Jordyn? Jordyn? She’s like the last person on the planet that I would have said would have done this,’ Kendall said.

Soon Khloé was back to the group with updates.

‘Jordyn said that they did make out,’ the Revenge Body host relayed. ‘She said, ”I just can’t believe this is happening. I’m so confused.” I’m like, ”You’re confused?”

‘I’m literally shaking, I’m so furious,’ said Kourtney.

‘Here’s the thing about Khloé and Tristan,’ Kim told the show’s cameras. ‘It really took a lot of strength from Khloé to try to make this work for her family and give it a second shot after everything she had been through.’

‘She was like, ”I love you. My loyalty is always to you”,’ Khloé was telling her sisters about Jordyn’s call.

‘What are you talking about, ”My loyalty is always to you?” This is like the biggest contradiction ever,’ Kim argued.

‘It is, but even for Jordyn to know everything I’ve been through with Tristan, my heart is literally in my eyeballs,’ Khloé said.

‘Yeah, that’s how I feel right now,’ noted Kylie.

Kim called it a case of ”blatant disrespect,” pointing out that Jordyn provided for her whole family off the money that Kylie gave to her.

Khloé said that Jordyn had been blaming Tristan for it all, saying: ‘She’s like, ”I was so naive.”

‘That’s just wrong,’ Kylie lamented.

‘They’re both wrong,’ Khloé rejoined. ‘I literally can’t believe… even if he tells me that he’s black and tall—are you, or is this like a mask you’re wearing?’

‘Tristan has got to go,’ Kim said. 


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