Kerry Katona sparks outrage as fans accuse her of promoting ‘puppy farm’

Kerry Katona has really thrown the cat among the pigeons by seemingly promoting a ‘puppy farm’ – sparking outrage and fury among even the most devout of her fans and followers.

The 38-year-old former Atomic Kitten star took to social media late on Wednesday night to share with fans details of a breeder of puppies.

If she was hoping to melt hearts with the photo of an adorable puppy and a link to a fellow Instagram page where fans could enquire about owning one of their very own, then she was in for a rude awakening.

Fans and followers reacted unanimously to slam the former chart topping star – threatening to boycott her for all future endeavours, and raging about her ‘lack of research’ into puppy farming.

The backlash began when Kez shared a photo with the caption: “@Luxurybullznpugs have the most beautiful puppies, take a look at their page.”

But retribution from fans was swift – and aggressive.

“Really? Promotion of breeders and puppy farms? What a way to use your fame! Shame on you!” screamed one fan in the comments section of Kerry’s post on the ‘gram.

“Unfollowed. I have always supported you but this is too far. You should do your research on puppy farming before advertising,” wrote another.

While others blasted Kerry for not promoting dog adoption instead.

“There are shelters crammed with beautiful animals in need of a home. Absolutely wrong to publicise a puppy farm or the backyard breeding of ANY animals,” said one rather unimpressed follower of Kerry.

The company involved, called Luxury Frenchies & Pugs World were quickly enveloped by the furore – but took to Instagram to hit back at criticism and took action to defend themselves.

“For the people commenting that we are puppy farmers, nice to see you have taken the time to do your research to confirm your crazy thoughts,” they blasted.

“If you actually take the time to look at our page you will see most of the time we are sharing pics of other quality and beautiful pups not all the dogs have been bred by us, we just enjoy sharing beautiful puppy pictures,” they continued.

“Also we love our dogs, they all have amazing lives and don’t end up in rescue homes,” they continued.

“Lastly just because someone breeds dogs doesn’t necessarily mean that they are puppy farmers, I welcome anyone to come and see my dogs in person, no puppy farm here,” they added.

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