Kenya Moore’s Ex Matt Jordan Checked Into Treatment After Assault Arrest

Kenya Moore dodged a bullet! The Real Housewives of Atlanta star’s ex-boyfriend Matthew Jordan was arrested for aggravated assault, theft, and threatening and intimidating on July 27, 2019. Now, can exclusively reveal he checked into rehab following the violent arrest.

A spokesperson for the Pinal County Jail in Arizona exclusively told Radar, “He was released on July 30, 2019 to Horizon Health and Wellness.”

According to the treatment facility’s website, they provide inpatient and outpatient services, including domestic violence, behavioral health, psychiatric, substance abuse and more.

In the complaint obtained from Pinal County Justice Court, Jordan allegedly “punched with a closed fist, one time to the facial area” of his girlfriend while at a Denny’s restaurant.

“Injuries observed were to the bridge of her nose, bruising, redness and swelling,” the filing read.

A witness claimed Jordan grabbed cigarettes out of her lap and “snatched” a single cigarette out of her mouth while she was smoking. He then allegedly attempted to throw her cigarettes on top of the roof of Denny’s.

The eyewitness noticed blood on Jordan’s girlfriend’s dress.

He was also arrested on a June 2019 warrant for criminal trespassing for failing to appear in court. A clerk from Maricopa Municipal Court confirmed to Radar that he has a pre-trial hearing on September 10.

Moore, 48, had a tumultuous relationship with Jordan when they were together.

In a police report exclusively obtained by Radar from Sandy Springs Police Department, Moore accused Jordan of destroying her home, Moore Manor, on August 15, 2016.

Moore accused him of damaging her glass garage door, garage door, outdoor security camera and Ranger Rover.

“Kenya advised she could not see out of some of the [security] cameras,” the officer wrote. “Four of the cameras had obviously been spray painted with a black substance. A ladder was still propped against the residence under two of the lower cameras that has been spray painted with obvious overspray on the side of the wall.”

Moore explained how she witnessed the suspect on the security cameras before the spray painting occurred. She confirmed the suspect did not enter her residence and no alarm had been triggered at the time.

“I asked Kenya about the suspect, she believed it was Matt Jordan,” the report read. “Jordan is an ex-boyfriend, they had been together for about a year and had broken up in the past week. Kenya believed the vandalism was related to the breakup.

She also told police that Jordan texted her saying she’ll “regret it” if she contacts authorities regarding the damage.

She was granted a temporary restraining order against Jordan in March 2017.

Moore has since moved on, as she married Marc Daly in a secret ceremony the same year. They welcomed daughter Brooklyn in 2018.

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