Kendall Long Talks Possible Engagement: Is ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Beau ‘Grocery Store Joe’ Ready To Propose?

One of the favorite couples to emerge from Season 5 of Bachelor in Paradise last summer was that of “Grocery Store Joe” Amabile and Kendall Long. The two actually split before the finale, but they then reunited on their own off-camera and they’ve been doing great ever since then. Could a proposal be on the horizon? It seems that it’s probably coming at some point, but it isn’t necessarily coming quite yet.

Kendall Long chatted with E! News about her romance with “Grocery Store Joe” Amabile and whether they might be getting engaged soon. Bachelor in Paradise fans know that Kendall struggled a great deal in terms of commitment and her relationship with Joe while filming in Mexico. However, it seems that the idea of commitment isn’t feeling quite as scary to her any longer.

As the Inquisitr recently shared, after competing on Dancing with the Stars, Joe moved from Chicago, Illinois, to Los Angeles, California, to be with his gal. The two moved into a new place together and their relationship seems stronger than ever.

Long hints that engagement is certainly something that she and Amabile are working toward, but they aren’t jumping into anything like that in a rush. The Bachelor in Paradise star said she and her beau have a lot going on right now, and they aren’t ready to start making wedding plans yet.

“Our whole entire relationship is about getting engaged… As two people who are mainly afraid of commitment, it makes it so the idea of talking about engagement isn’t scary. It just makes it more fun and we think that it will definitely, possibly happen someday but as of now, we want to get so many more things solidified in our life before we take the next step.”

While Joe and Kendall are living together in Los Angeles now, Amabile has been on tour with his fellow Dancing with the Stars pals in recent days. Long flew to the East Coast to join him briefly, but now they are apart again for a short while.

It sounds as if Kendall plans to join Joe and the DWTS crew again as the tour continues, and it would appear that the Bachelor in Paradise stars do their best to make sure they’re never apart for very long. Once life settles down a bit, will “Grocery Store Joe” Amabile get down on bended knee and propose to Kendall Long? Fans hope that’s coming at some point, and they’ll be watching for signs that Kendall and Joe are ready to take that next big step.

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