Katy Perry Unexpectedly Releases New ‘Cosmic Energy’ EP

Katy Perry took to Instagram to release a new EP, Cosmic Energy on Friday (December 16), catching fans by surprise just ahead of a solar event that will take place on December 21.

“Giving u [sic] some Cosmic Energy ahead of Monday’s Great Conjunction,” tweeted Katy. She also shared a picture of herself wearing a long blonde wig and giant earrings. The EP artwork features Perry as a space goddess.

The EP, which does not contain any new songs, features all of her space-themed tracks, including “Not the End of the World,” “Wide Awake” and “E.T.”

The “Great Conjunction” on Monday will see Saturn and Jupiter getting closer to each other, and the celestial event will give the impression that the two planets are passing one another. The conjunction will not happen again until March 15, 2080.

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