Katie Price's pink Beetle car is towed from her Surrey mansion

Katie Price’s pink VW Beetle car is towed from her Surrey mansion to beau Carl Woods’ home after star ‘drove vehicle while disqualified’

Katie Price shared a photo of her pink Volkswagen Beetle car being towed from her Surrey mansion on Thursday, after the star ‘drove the vehicle while disqualified’.

The former glamour model, 42, shared a snap of her vehicle being transported from her rented home, with the car said to have been taken to boyfriend Carl Woods’ home.

Katie is currently disqualified from driving and was hit by claims earlier this week that she had been reported to police for a second time for driving while banned.

Tough time: Katie Price shared a photo of her pink Beetle car being towed from her Surrey mansion on Thursday, after the star ‘drove the vehicle while disqualified’

Katie shared a photo of the convertible as it was placed onto a truck, writing to the company: ‘Thank you for collecting my Beetle as I can’t drive yet.’

The tow firm then posted another snap captioned: ‘Collected your new run around @carljwoods.’

Mailonline has contacted Katie’s representative for comment.

This comes amid claims Katie was reported to the police again after ‘driving while banned for a second time last Monday’.

Farewell: The former glamour model, 42, shared a snap of her vehicle being transported from her rented home, with the car said to have been taken to boyfriend Carl Woods’ home

According to a source, a neighbour of the former glamour model claimed they saw her driving her boyfriend Carl’s BMW onto the driveway of her Surrey home.

The ‘incident’ is said to have been reported to authorities last Friday, but they won’t be investigating the situation due to lack of evidence provided by the ‘witness’.

A day later, it is alleged that the mother-of-five was apparently caught behind the wheel of her partner’s Range Rover, just a few weeks before her driving ban ends.   

An insider also claimed the media personality had been moving her pink Volkswagen Beetle from her ‘mucky’ mansion to her new house in Surrey.  

Off it goes: The former glamour model, 42, shared a snap of her vehicle being transported from her rented home, with the car said to have been taken to boyfriend Carl Woods’ home

They told The Sun: ‘A neighbour saw Katie pulling Carl’s car on to the driveway. It was incredibly risky of her. They couldn’t believe it as they knew she was still disqualified, so felt they had to contact police.  

Surrey Police also confirmed to the publication: ‘We received a report of a woman allegedly driving while disqualified. The information has been reviewed, and given that it is hearsay evidence, it would be disproportionate to take any further action.’ 

MailOnline contacted a spokesperson for Sussex Police and a representative for Katie declined to comment.   

The TV star was quizzed by police after being reported for allegedly driving while disqualified for the second time – which can lead to an unlimited fine and jail time of six months.

Under fire: Katie was reported to the police again after ‘driving while banned for a second time last Monday’

A source previously claimed the businesswoman now fears she could face prison time over the latest alleged offence.

Katie’s current two-year ban was issued in the autumn of 2019, but was reduced to 18 months after she appealed the ruling.

The order was put in place in October of that year, meaning it’ll lift in a matter of weeks, if not days.      

The reality star has a long history of problems behind the wheel and has been disqualified from driving six times since her first ban back in 2010 for six months.

During her current ban alone, she was caught driving while disqualified in January 2019, and had another three months added to her sentence.    


October 3, 2003 Escaped a speeding charge on a technicality after cops failed to arrest her within 12 weeks. Her Range Rover was allegedly clocked at 70mph in a 40mph zone.

June 5, 2008 Given three penalty points, fined £200 and ordered to pay £80 costs at Feltham magistrates’ court for talking on her mobile phone while driving on April 18.

January 7, 2009 Let off on a legal technicality by Brighton magistrates after allegedly breaking a 30mph limit and not providing the identity of the driver to police.

July 7, 2010 Convicted in her absence by Crawley magistrates after cameras caught her speeding at 99 mph on September 16, 2009. Her lawyer argued she was only speeding because she was being hounded by the paparazzi, but police said there were no other speeding vehicles around. She was fined £250, ordered to pay £500 prosecution costs and given four points on her licence.

September 28, 2010 Convicted at Mid-Sussex Magistrates’ Court for failing to be in proper control of her 7.5-ton lurid pink horsebox after veering into another lane in Sussex on February 19. She was fined £1,000, ordered to pay £650 court costs and a £15 victim surcharge and given three points on her licence, taking her tally to 10.

December 1, 2010 Banned from driving ban for six months after she was caught on speed camera travelling at 83mph in a 70mph zone on the A23 in Pyecombe, West Sussex on 10 December 2009. Katie, who did not attend the hearing, pleaded guilty to the charge. In her absence, she was fined £1,000 and given three penalty points on her license (taking her total at that time to 13 points). This took her over the 12-point limit and brought an automatic six-month driving ban and so she was disqualified from driving for six months.  

August 31, 2012 Barred from driving on the roads for 12 months, after failing to respond to two speeding tickets. She had been caught speeding in London on September 5 and September 6 2011. The glamour model argued that all of her post was dealt with by her mother and she had never seen the prosecution warnings. Katie, who already had six points on her licence at the time, was given six more and banned for 12 months. She was also fined £400. 

February 16, 2018 Banned from driving for six months after doing 60mph on the 50mph A24. She already had points on her license. Following the incident in Dial Post, West Sussex in 2017, Katie failed to tell police when the speeding ticket arrived and was charged with failing to provide details about the person driving. She failed to show up at magistrates’ court and was given a six-month ban and a £750 fine.

July 28, 2018 In July she was was questioned by police after photographs emerged of her getting behind the wheel of her car while still banned from the road. Pictures revealed Katie driving her grey Ford Fiesta home from Gatwick with her youngest kids Jett, aged four, and Bunny, aged three. She handed herself into police and took to Instagram to insist that she thought the ban was over – but as soon as she realised it wasn’t, confessed her wrongdoing to authorities to avoid a ‘guilty conscience.’ The former glamour model said at the time: ‘After driving to Harvey’s Hospital appointment I have NOW found out that I don’t get my licence back until 8th August.’   

September 26, 2018 Crashed her £63,000 Ranger Rover on September 26, while allegedly on her mobile phone. The crash was reported to the police. Marketing executive Katie Pugh, 23, told MailOnline that the troubled star rear-ended her Mercedes as they were stuck in traffic on the A3 in Roehampton, Surrey. Pugh said she looked up into her rear-view mirror and noticed Katie appearing to be looking at her phone moments before the collision at around 5.30PM on September 26. 

October 10, 2018 Arrested on suspicion of drink-driving in the earlier hours of the morning on October 10, after being found by police in her garish pink Range Rover in Woolwich, East London. Katie had allegedly been partying with ex-boyfriend Kris Boyson helping him celebrate his 30th birthday when her car ended up hitting a parked car. She took a roadside breath test and was taken to Plumstead Police station where she was released after a night in the cells. Katie was then photographed driving her car without wearing her seatbelt, just 36 hours after her drink driving arrest – an infraction that carries a £100 fine.

December 2018 Charged by postal requisition over her drink-driving charge and is now due to appear at Bromley Magistrates’ Court on Monday, 7 January.

January 2019 Caught driving while disqualified, and was given another three months.

February 2019 Served a further three month ban after being convicted of drink-driving in October 2018.

Autumn 2019 Issued with her sixth ban – a two-year disqualification –  which she appealed. It was reduced to 18 months.

March 2021 Gets behind the wheel of boyfriend Carl Wood’s Range Rover weeks before her 18-month ban is lifted. Questioned by police over the matter.    

The ban was issued to Katie after her pink car was involved in a crash in November 2018, after which she refused to tell police who had actually been behind the wheel. 

Katie was first slapped with a driving ban in 2010 for six months. 

This was for speeding – 83mph in a 70mph zone in West Sussex.

She was then disqualified for a year in 2012, after failing to respond to two speeding tickets.

Katie reportedly failed to inform police when she received the ticket for breaking the speeding limit in a 50mph limit on the A24 in Dial Post, West Sussex in 2017. 

She claimed that she didn’t see a pair of speeding tickets because her mother takes care of the mail.

Katie was ordered to pay a total of £75 and she was slapped with the 12-month driving ban. 

In 2018, she was banned for another six months, totting up 12 penalty points on her driver’s license.

During this ban, she was caught driving while disqualified in January 2019, and was given another three months.  

A further three months were added to this ban a month after this, when she was convicted of drink-driving the previous October. 

The influencer was released by police pending further investigation on October 10 2018 following an alleged five-day bender that ended up with her being arrested for drink-driving after turning up uninvited to her on-off boyfriend’s birthday party. 

At the time, Katie was receiving treatment at The Priory and meant to be abstaining from alcohol, but it has since been claimed that she went on a five day bender prior to her drink-drive arrest.

She had reportedly been enjoying Strawberry Daquiris with ex-boyfriend Alex Adderson after fearing the 25-year-old would think she is a ‘boring granny’ if she didn’t let her hair down. 

Katie handed herself into police the previous July for driving while on a six-month ban, explaining at the time that she thought her ban was over.

Taking to Instagram, the I’m A Celebrity star admitted that she thought the ban was done – but as soon as she realised it wasn’t confessed her wrongdoing to authorities to avoid a ‘guilty conscience.’

She said at the time: ‘Been on such an emotional rollercoaster the last 6 months and my head has been all over the place, so much so, that I thought my driving ban was up. 

‘After driving to [son] Harvey’s hospital appointment I have NOW found out that I don’t get my licence back until 8th August. 

‘With this on my conscience I called police and reported myself.

‘I’ve come such a long way and just want easy life now. 

‘I have got out of a hole and am finally happy and looking forward to being my old independent self.’

The part-time singer received a £750 fine as well as £200 in costs and a £75 surcharge following her conviction, according to reports.

This comes after Katie vowed she ‘won’t give up’ in her campaign to make online bullying a crime after receiving over 100,000 signatures for her Track A Troll campaign.

The social media star has been asking for a change in legislation that will require all social media platforms to ask users for ID after her disabled son Harvey, 18, became the victim of online trolling.

In a piece for The Independent Katie insisted she’ll do ‘whatever it takes’ to get her campaign through Parliament.

She wrote she understands concerns from some that required ID for social media users could ‘out’ members of the LGBTQ+ community or those with a criminal history. 

The blonde insisted her law would mean users’ accounts can be tracked through the IP address, allowing police to put a stop to online abuse, and they wouldn’t need to share any other personal information.

Her petition has been backed by several stars and MP Andrew Griffith, and after reaching 100,00 signatures will now be debated in Parliament. 

She wrote: ‘I’ve seen Harvey mocked and belittled since he was a small boy, because of his disabilities, and because of his race.

‘Now that he’s 18, he understands that the treatment he receives from strangers is cruel and unfair. He’s said it himself: ”People are horrible to me.” As a mother, that breaks my heart.

‘Once I get my teeth stuck into something, that’s it – there’s no giving up. I am prepared to do whatever it takes to lead the charge for kindness.’ 

On Monday, Katie also revealed her plans to attend court and face her son Harvey’s online bullies while discussing her Track A Troll campaign on BBC News. 

Katie, whose 18-year-old son is blind and has Prader-Willi syndrome and ADHD, previously said she was ‘over the moon’ as police moved to prosecute a troll who shared a racist blackface video while mocking her disabled son.

And now, she is asking for a change in legislation, requiring all social media platforms to ask users for ID in hopes of reducing online hate.  

Katie said: ‘I would love to say what kind of abuse Harvey gets, but I wouldn’t say it because it’s so horrific to say, but when you read it, it should be treated the same as how you say it. 

‘If I verbally said these words I would get arrested, so it should have the same affect, just because it’s written down. 

‘I do know three people have been arrested, the ones I was looking for, for Harvey. A couple in Aberdeen and some of the national newspapers ran their faces. And the person who actually retweeted it has been charged with Malicious Communications.’   

Katie confirmed that the police contacted her to let her know they had made an arrest. 

Prior to her latest woes, she had previously called her two-year driving ban ‘b*******’ and ‘obscene’ in a YouTube video shared in 2019.

Not taking things further: The ‘incident’ is said to have been reported to authorities last Friday, but they won’t be investigating the situation due to lack of evidence (pictured with her partner)

It had come just days after she was charged with withholding the name of the driver following a collision which involved her pink Range Rover in November 2018. 

In a video posted to her account, the socialite hit out at police as she claimed officers ‘pull me over to be nosey’ following her fourth ban at the time.

The campaigner – who had pleaded guilty at a hearing in August 2019 – insisted her recent conviction is down to ‘paperwork’ and revealed she was  preparing to appeal against the charge.

Providing her social media subscribers with some background about her ban, Katie began her clip at the time: ‘I’ve been banned now four times from driving, but it’s actually not me driving but paperwork.  

‘I was in court yesterday and the lawyers said to the court that I would not be there as I’d be out the country. We proved we’d be out the country, but the judge wasn’t interested in adjourning it.’

Big family: The television personality is mum to Harvey, 18, Junior, 15, Princess, 13, Jett, seven, and Bunny, six, from three previous relationships (pictured together with Carl last Christmas) 

The former Loose Women star – who failed to turn up to court because she was abroad -reasoned her ability to drive is vital due to her location, her then 17-year-old son Harvey’s needs (he has since turned 18) and her terminally ill mother Amy.

‘I need to drive and I am going to appeal’, she said. ‘I live in the middle of nowhere, I have a son with disabilities that might need to be rushed to hospital at certain times.

‘My mum is terminally ill and I need to visit my mum. If they’re banning me for two years how do I know my mum is going to be here in two years’ time? I need to be able to get to my mum.

‘It’s obscene that the courts won’t listen just because they banned me before three times, which was also unfair’, the Brighton native elaborated.

Katie went on to claim court letters had been sent to houses in her area as they share the same postcode.

The 2015 CBB winner shared: ‘My post gets moved here, there and everywhere, so at the moment I don’t get all my posts, but I am going to appeal my driving ban.

‘Some people write to me but I don’t even get it on time. It’s got my name and my postcode – but the wrong house.

‘It’s obscene, being banned for two years. Two years is a long time and I don’t deserve it, it’s a load of b*******. Everyone says my pink Range Rover is gone but I still have it, I just don’t drive it.

Baby news? Meanwhile, the Brighton native recently appeared to confirm she’s pregnant with her sixth child

‘Well, I can’t now because people like the police do pull me over and I’m like “what have I done”, and their attitude is ‘’what’s with the attitude’’ and I’m like “why have you pulled me over?”

‘They just want to be nosey, they know it’s me, who else has a pink car in the area?’, she added.  

Katie did not attend the sentencing hearing on October 10 2019 at Bexley Magistrates Court, claiming she was only due to return to London Gatwick Airport in the morning.

At the time, this was the sixth time Katie has been banned from the roads. Prior to this, she had revealed she was selling her garish £75,000 pink Range Rover and Fiat Ducato horsebox ‘because they get her into trouble’.

Meanwhile, the Brighton native recently appeared to confirm she’s pregnant with her sixth child.

The fashion star already has Junior, 15, and Princess, 13, with ex-husband Peter Andre, 48, Jett, seven, and Bunny, six, with former spouse Kieran Hayler, 33, and raises eldest child Harvey, without his biological father Dwight Yorke, 49. 

Rant! Prior to her latest woes, Katie had previously called her two-year driving ban ‘b*******’ and ‘obscene’ in a YouTube video shared in 2019 

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