Katie Price 'is in horrendous pain' after full body lipo in Turkey

‘She’s in horrendous pain’: Katie Price ‘is very swollen after having a Brazilian bum lift, lip AND eyelid surgery’ in addition to full body lipo in Turkey

Katie Price is reportedly in ‘horrendous pain’ after having major cosmetic surgery in Turkey.

The former glamour model, 43, is thought to have had a Brazilian bum lift as well as lifts on her lips and eyes to achieve a cat-eye look in addition to full body liposuction.

Speaking with The Sun, a source said that the star is ‘very swollen and bruised’ but feeling ‘really happy’ and like ‘the old Katie again’ following her operations.

Recovering: Katie Price is reportedly in ‘horrendous pain’ after having major cosmetic surgery in Turkey (pictured on Steph’s Packed Lunch in June)

Explaining what Katie has had done, the source explained: ‘Katie is in horrendous pain after undergoing a BBL [Brazilian Butt Lift] where they put fat into your bum,

‘[An] eye lift to give her a slight cat eye look, lip lift for a fuller pout, liposuction on her thighs and legs, under her rib cage and back, and scarring from her previous facelift fixed.

‘Despite the pain, Katie’s thrilled the operation went to plan… she’s very swollen and bruised but says she is really happy and feels like the old Katie again.’

They also claimed that the mother-of-five, who has been recovering in Spain, had to spend days with her legs in the air as she was very swollen post surgery.

‘She’s really happy’: Despite the pain, the former glamour model is thought to be pleased with the results of her procedures (pictured after breaking both her feet last year)

MailOnline has contacted Katie’s representatives for further comment.  

Pictures obtained by the publication show Katie bandaged up and resting in her hospital bed, with the TV personality’s face looking very swollen and bruised.

And another image showed her standing up in a bathroom with a catheter and tubes attached and her face in a support.

Katie is thought to have underwent full body liposuction at the Comfort Zone Clinic in Turkey after she gained two stone in lockdown. 

Last summer, she suffered a freak incident in which she broke both her feet, leaving her unable to exercise and causing the weight gain.  

The struggle: Katie gained two stone in lockdown after injuring her feet and being unable to workout or stay fit

After spending a couple of days recovering from her liposuction, she and Carl jetted from Turkey to Spain to enjoy some downtime at a villa in Malaga.

Carl shared clips of a pool and stunning views surrounding the pad to Instagram after their arrival, giving a glimpse of their plush accommodation.

Two loungers could also be seen by a spacious swimming pool, while the white villa and extra seating sat further back. 

Spain is on the UK government’s amber list – meaning travellers returning to the UK can isolate at home – while Turkey is on the red list requiring hotel quarantine.  

A source told The Sun: ‘Katie can avoid having to pay for a quarantine hotel if she returns to the UK from an amber list country and quarantine at home instead.’

Multiple cosmetic procedures: The TV star previously unveiled her filed-down teeth before having her bright white veneers replaced

Katie Price’s Surgery: A Timeline

Before: Katie has been going under the knife for 21 years (above in 1998)

1998 – Katie underwent a breast augmentation taking her from a natural B cup to a C cup. She also had her first liposuction

1999 – Katie had two more boob jobs in the same year, one taking her from a C cup to a D cup, and then up to an F cup

2006 – Katie went under the knife to take her breasts up to a G cup

2007 – Katie had a rhinoplasty and veneers on her teeth

2008 – Katie stunned fans by reducing her breasts from an F cup to a C cup

2011 – Going back to an F cup, Katie also underwent body-contouring treatment and cheek and lip fillers

2014/5 – Following a nasty infection, Katie had her breast implants removed

2016 – Opting for bigger breasts yet again, Katie had another set of implants, along with implants, Botox and lip fillers

2017 – After a disastrous ‘threading’ facelift, Katie also had her veneers replaced. She also had her eighth boob job taking her to a GG cup

2018 – Katie went under the knife yet again for a facelift

2019 – After jetting to Turkey, Katie had a face, eye and eyelid lift, Brazilian bum lift and a tummy tuck

While a spokesperson for Katie told the MailOnline: ‘This is a planned stop gap before returning to the UK.’

Spain, including the Balearics and Canary Islands, is currently on UK’s amber list, meaning those returning to Britain must quarantine for 10 days – however this can be done at home.

The government also requires that travellers take a Covid test on or before day two and on or after day eight. It may be possible to end quarantine early if a private Covid test through the Test to Release scheme is paid for.

Whereas people who have been in a red list country in the 10 days before their return to the UK must quarantine in a hotel – at a cost of £1,750 – for 10 full days.

Turkey is on the red list of countries, which the government says are at the highest risk from Covid, and should not be visited ‘except in the most extreme of circumstances’. 

Proposal: Katie got engaged for the eighth time after her boyfriend Carl proposed earlier this month following a whirlwind 10-month romance (pictured in February) 

New pad: The couple are now thought to be staying at a luxury villa (pictured) in Spain after flying in from Turkey, with Carl sharing clips of a pool and stunning views surrounding the pad

Katie previously shared a behind-the-scenes video from a new photoshoot and confirmed she had chosen Mono Cosmetic Surgery for upcoming procedures.  

She wrote alongside the clip: ‘Here I am today on my @jyylondon clothing shoot but I have to say I’m not happy with how I look at the moment so I’m really excited for when I go to @monocosmeticsurgery to change what I’m not happy with.

‘I can’t wait to show before and after and I’ll be filming everything for my youtube channel too to show the whole journey. And guess what … someone you know is coming too to have something done.’

Speaking on Steph’s Packed Lunch earlier this year, Katie confessed: ‘I have tried so much to lose weight, obviously we want a baby and we’re doing IVF. I just want to shift some weight before we do it so I am going to have surgery.’

After Steph insisted: ‘But, you’re not big!’ Katie responded: ‘For me I am. I’m normally 54kg [8.5stone] and now I’m about 68kg [10.7stone] and that is a lot for me.

‘I notice it in my clothes and just for myself, I’m just going to have to do it quick, just get it sucked out.’  

Katie also revealed that she’s getting fat dissolving treatment in a bid to make her bum smaller after admitting that she ‘hates it!’

The mother-of-five made the declaration as she underwent a body MOT, which included two colonic irrigations and fat dissolving treatment on her stomach.

Showing off her posterior in skintight black leggings, Katie told how that her bottom is next on the list for treatment as she declared: ‘I hate it, I want it smaller!’

The former Loose Women star underwent a Brazilian Bum Lift two years ago, amid her multiple cosmetic surgeries that had left her bed bound.  

Katie had jetted to Turkey in April 2019 where, in addition to the BBL, she also had liposuction, a tummy tuck, a facelift, an eye lift and an eyelid lift. 

And in March Katie revealed she’d had her 12th boob job, after vowing in 2018 she’ll never have surgery on her face again following a botched procedure. 

Approval: Katie pictured together with her children Harvey, 18, Junior, 15, Princess, 13, Jett, seven, and Bunny, six

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