Katherine Heigl gives a tour of her impeccable decluttered closet

Katherine Heigl gives tour of her wardrobe after calling in professionals to help declutter ‘dumpster fire’ closet

Katherine Heigl showed fans a grand tour of her closet in a video she uploaded to her Instagram earlier Friday. 

The successful actress appeared beyond thrilled in the short video to show off a space she once labeled as a ‘dumpster fire.’ 

The star shared before and after clips of her walk-in wardrobe while also thanking the professionals who came to the rescue. 

Excited: Katherine Heigl, 43, shared a video on Instagram of her newly remodeled closet that she originally thought was at the point of no return 

The 43-year-old actress began her video by stepping into frame and introducing herself, while trying her best to conceal her excitement over the fact that her closet had finally been decluttered and organized. 

The 27 Dresses star donned a causal navy colored outfit as she guided an official tour. 

The top piece was short-sleeved to keep her comfortable, and her bottoms had an elastic waist that could be tied. 

Her short, blonde hair was parted to the side and combed into a simple and sleek look. 

Beyond thrilled: The actress was happy to share before and after videos of what her closet used to look like and the finished project after some renovation 

‘I am overjoyed,’ she announced at the beginning of the clip. ‘I might just spend time here. I might just put a couple chairs in here and hang out.’ 

The Grey’s Anatomy star also admitted to her 4 million followers that she really just wanted to, ‘burn the whole thing down.’ 

Katherine added a detailed caption explaining the process and thanked Home Sort and mDesign Home Organization Solutions for professionally re-organizing the space. 

‘The results are beyond my wildest imaginations and I am deeply, deeply grateful for their help, their expertise and their vision,’ she typed out. 

Much needed help: Katherine hired professionals to come in and revamp her cluttered closet that she had completely lost control over 

‘My closet had become the sort of anchor around my ankle that brought me such a sense of overwhelming despair every time I walked into it,’ Katherine added. 

‘All I could see was an insurmountable mountain in front of me as I stood among the chaos,’ she explained. 

Not only was her closet completely redone, but her kitchen and refridgerator also received much needed TLC. 

Great team: Katherine posed with the professionals from Home + Sort who came in and completely rescued her closer

A fresh start: The Grey’s Anatomy star can now enjoy her newly organized closet in her home 

Happy couple: The Knocked Up actress and Josh Kelley have been married since 2007, and have three children 

Katherine leads a very busy life, recently working on the last seasons of the hit legal drama, Suits, and also appearing on the Netflix series, Firefly Lane. 

However, she also has a large family and pets, which could account for her wardrobe becoming unmanageable over the years. 

The former model married singer, Josh Kelley, in 2007. The couple have a total of three children, two of whom have been adopted. The couple adopted their first daughter, Nancy, 13, from South Korea in 2009 when she was still a baby. 

In 2012, the two adopted their second daughter, Adalaide, who is now 10-years-old. Four years later in 2016, Katherine and her husband welcomed their son, Joshua. 

Adorable family: Katherine is seen posing with her two adopted daughters, Adalaide and Nancy

Successful career: The talented actress and model had a role on the hit medical drama, Grey’s Anatomy

During an interview with Jimmy Kimmel, the actress talked about her love for animals. Katherine is a devoted animal advocate and admitted that she has a lot of animals at home. 

‘I do have seven dogs at the house,’ she revealed. The star also has a ranch within the sprawling countryside of Utah, where she also tends to a number of beloved animals. 

‘Then we have I think nine horses, two donkeys and two goats and a pig named Hamlet. I don’t know how many cats. A lot of barn cats,’ she added. 

Hit series: Katherine starred alongside Ellen Pompeo and Sandra Oh in Grey’s Anatomy over the years 

True love: The actress and singer have been married for almost 15 years and support each other through thick and thin 

Close bond: Katherine has a wonderful bond with her two daughters and often shares cute photos of them having fun together 

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