Kate Middleton managed to slip under the radar in a casual look at weekend festival

Kate Middleton swapped custom-made gowns for comfy casual last weekend as she headed out to the Houghton Hall music festival, surprising many at the rave event.

The Princess Of Wales, who celebrated England's Lionesses' win yesterday, flew under the radar at the three-day event, donning a pair of £120 Veja trainers, black skinny jeans and an off-the-shoulder top.

Celebrating art & music in the Norfolk countryside, the techno rave festival featured dance and electronic music and saw a multitude of different stages. It is famed for being the UK's only 24-hour festival.

While it may not seem the most expected choice for the royal, she does have an unlikely connection as her close friends, the Marquess and Marchioness of Cholmondeley, David Cholmondeley and Rose Hanbury, are the owners of the Houghton Hall estate.

She had been dining with them in their stately home while the festival was on, when they decided to go along and have a look.

It isn't the first time that Kate has opted for a more casual ensemble, and often chooses Veja trainers when looking for something more comfortable than a pair of high heels.

As well as flat footwear, she also opts for high street jewellery most of the time too. While some admire the down to earth nature of her varied wardrobe, others have criticised it.

Former Vogue International editor Suzy Menkes, 79, recently accused the Princess of appearing indifferent to the rare collection of jewels she has at her disposal and said she doesn't have the same "joy" about jewels as her stepmother-in-law, Queen Camilla.

Speaking on an episode of her podcast Creative Conversations, Suzy said: "The Princess of Wales is a bit of a disappointment about jewellery. She gives the impression that she only puts it on when she absolutely has to.

"I imagine her looking beautiful in one of those gowns behind the scenes and then pulling a face as if to say, 'Do I have to wear this?' She doesn’t give any sense of adoring jewellery and being pleased to put it on."

However, former BBC royal correspondent Jennie Bond couldn't disagree with Suzy more as she told OK! "Thank goodness that we have a thoroughly down-to-earth Princess who can rock the High Street look and the budget jewellery with such style! Catherine is a woman after my own heart

"Who wants to worry all the time about losing the odd earring and necklace? There’s some fabulous budget jewellery around – I wear it all the time.

"Obviously it’s stunning when she is wearing something from the Royal collection and we all gasp about how much it’s worth. But it’s also wonderful that she is still very much in touch with the kind of shops most of us use, and obviously enjoys wearing 'normal' bling, just like us!"

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