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Justin Bieber Raves Over Hailey Baldwin In Gorgeous New Photo: ‘You Turn Me On’

A picture’s worth a thousand words, but Justin Bieber didn’t need that many to express how hot he thought Hailey Baldwin was in her new fashion shoot.

Just in time for winter, Hailey Baldwin, 21, reviled that she was “back again as the face of [Nicole Benisti],” the Canadian Luxury Outerwear line. Hailey reposted a picture from September to her Instagram account on Nov. 16, a shot of her “wearing my favorite coat” with a pair of skin-tight pants and high, high heels. In addition to looking like she could brave any blustery winter weather, Hailey also looked hot as hell – as least, that’s how her hubby, Justin Bieber, 24, reacted in the comments section. “UR just too much,” he said, per Comments by Celebs.

“U turn me on,” he added. Well, there you go. Justin couldn’t even wait long enough to spell out the whole word “you,” he just had to let his wife know just how much of a sexy babe she was. Considering that this online display of attraction came just a few days after Hailey shared pictures of her and Justin making out while on a yacht, it’s safe to say that Justin loves Hailey. And, at this point, she just loves her “Hunny buns punkin” too. Awww.

Justin loves his wife so much that he’s willing to put his entire music career on pause for her. Actually, while making sure his new marriage to Hailey works out is a priority for Justin, he is reportedly stepping away from music to have a “season of self-discovery.” Justin has been a world famous pop star since he was a young teen. Justin reportedly thinks that there are other things he should be doing with his time and resources, so he’s taking a moment to figure out how to be a better, more mature human.

While Beliebers might be heartbroken over how they may not get new music from him for a while – if ever again – Justin’s better half is 100% behind his decision. Hailey “completely supports” Justin’s desire to take a break, a source EXCLUSIVELY tells HollywoodLife.com. It’s not that Hailey wants to deprive the world of any more of Justin’s music, but that, according to the source, she thinks “it will be really good for him to slow down for a while.”

Hailey also appreciates that Justin has actually made her his number one priority, and she’s relieved that she doesn’t have to compete with a touring schedule, or studio obligations, or anything that goes into Justin being the biggest singer on the planet. However, when he does want to get back into music, a source says she’ll “support him through that, too.” In the meantime, expect more thirsty (and loving) comments from Justin on Hailey’s IG. After all, he’s not doing anything else.

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