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Justin Bieber Calls Hailey Baldwin “his Wife” Amid Reports Confirming Couple Married without a Prenup

Justin Bieber returned from Europe to his native Canadian province of Ontario last weekend, and has been staying in and around his hometown of Stratford since.  While attending an exhibit in honor of his own life and musical achievements at the Stratford Perth Museum, Justin introduced Hailey to the local museum’s officials as “his wife” – according to the museum officials in attendance. The museum posted this fact on its social media, along with an image of Hailey’s own post on a fan wall devoted to Justin; Hailey’s message to her now acknowledged husband was “I ❤ you forever — Hailey B.”

After the incident, TMZ has finally corrected its previous reporting to agree with People Magazine that Justin did in fact marry Hailey last month when the two were seen together at a courthouse in Manhattan. TMZ further reports that the marriage – which may have been spur of the moment for the pair – was done without the two negotiating a prenuptual agreement.

That would mean that the couple was married under New York State laws, which holds that all property owned prior to the marriage by Justin and Hailey separately will remain owned by them separately. However, should Justin and Hailey “co-mingle” any of those previously owned assets – which often happens in marriages without a prenup – the previously owned assets would then become co-owned “marital property.” In addition, any money that Justin earns from the day that the two were married will likely all be considered shared marital assets.

The rumors are that Justin actively ignored guidance on the issue from his advisors and simply married Haley without a prenup agreement. That might mean that he was just not concerned about the risk of a breakup … or that he completely trusts his new bride.

We have a short video clip of Justin at the Stratford Perth Museum as well as an Instagram pic of the note that Hailey left for her husband on its Justin Bieber “fansite” message board.


“I ❤️you forever-Hailey B”. We were so pleased to have such a warm and special guest visit the museum yesterday (along with her very special husband ). @haileybaldwin @justinbieber #family #beliebers #stepstostardom #stratfordperthmuseum

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