Joy-Anna Duggar Shows Off Growing Baby Bump on Instagram: It’s Almost Time!

These days, Duggar baby bumps are such a common sight that you might think the public would be accustomed to them by now. 

But you really can’t overstate the obsessive nature of this family’s fandom.

Currently, Joy-Anna Duggar is expecting her second child, and clearly, she couldn’t be more excited.

Interestingly, it seems her most devoted fans might be even more over-joyed about the approaching big day than Joy is!

Joy’s husband, Austin Forsyth, posted the above photo on Instagram earlier this week.

“So blessed by my little family!” he captioned the pic.

The Forsyths followers feel equally blessed by Austin’s updates about his wife’s pregnancy.

“Obsessed. @austinandjoyforsyth you are stunning! Pregnancy looks amazing on you!” one fan wrote.

“You are stunning Joy!” added Joy’s sister-in-law Anna Duggar.

Joy and Austin share a joint Instagram account, but it’s generally pretty clear who’s responsible for each individual post.

Take this bump selfie posted by Joy, for example.

“25 weeks!” she captioned the kid.

“We’re not deciding on a name until she’s born, but she is already our little princess!” she added.

It’s great that Joy is so excited, and it’s great that her fans are so excited for her.

But the situation does point to one of the stranger aspects of life in the Duggar clan.

The Duggars believe procreation is a woman’s primary reason for being, and several of Jim Bob and Michelle’s daughters have lived their lives accordingly.

Mothers are held in the highest of esteem in the Duggars’ community, which can leave women like Jana Duggar — who is 30 and childless — feeling out of place and unappreciated.

Accordingly, fans of the family tend to harbor unhealthy obsessions with the state of the Duggar women’s uteruses.

It’s an odd situation that’s led to allegations of the Jim Bob and Michelle leading a sort of strange fertility cult.

But given that Joy-Anna suffered a miscarriage last year, the public’s excitement over her “rainbow baby” is more than understandable.

We wish Joy all the best in her pregnancy — and we also hope she avails herself of the many opportunities that await her outside the home once her children are a little older.

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