Josephine Langford & Hero Fiennes-Tiffin Dish on Intimate ‘After We Collided’ Scenes

Josephine Langford and Hero Fiennes-Tiffin are opening up about their new movie After We Collided!

The sequel is hitting US theaters and digital THIS Friday (October 23).

In a new interview, the stars of the franchise opened up about the intimate scenes in the movie, which bumped it’s rating up from PG-13 to an R rating.

“I mean I don’t think it was ever tough. It’s a job. We’re professionals, you know what you signed up for. You turn up and do your job,” Hero told TooFab. “But, 100 percent, this goes for all scenes, I think when you get to know the whole crew, and the whole cast, and we worked together before every scene becomes easier because you don’t have to break that ice anymore.”

“I think you always find something new that’s nerve-racking, or at least me personally,” Josephine added. “You always find something new to be scared of even if it’s like, ‘Oh I’ve done this before… but I’ve done this before, so can I do this differently?’”

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