‘Joker’ Movie Extras Locked In Subway Car & Forced To Pee On Tracks!

No one was laughing on the set of the Joaquin Phoenix-led Joker movie over the weekend. 

According to TMZ, a group of extras were locked in a subway car for three hours while filming a scene and were denied bathroom breaks.

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Eventually, the extras started banging on the doors asking to be let out to relieve themselves, but were reportedly kept inside — so, some of the actors started to pee through the spaces between train cars onto the train tracks. 

The Screen Actors Guild apparently received a complaint about the break time violation and sent a representative to mend the sticky situation.

SAG will continue to monitor the set, while Warner Bros. says it’s investigating the matter.

Yikes. Sounds almost as traumatic as receiving anal beads from Jared Leto!

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