Johnny Depp threatened with restraining order by Amber if he didn’t let her live rent-free

Johnny Depp pleads with Amber to 'walk away' in audio recording

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Amber Heard threatened to serve Johnny Depp, 58, with a restraining order if he didn’t adhere to a list of her demands following their split, the Virginia court heard as the defamation trial continues. The actress, 36, issued a list of demands to her then estranged husband through her legal team, which included living in his three Los Angeles penthouses for free. The letter sent to Depp’s legal team was titled “In RE: Marriage of Depp” and was dated May 24 2016, three days after their final row.

As day 11 of the $100 million defamation trial continues, the court heard how the Aquaman actress threatened to serve her ex-husband with a restraining order if he did not continue to support her financially.

The court heard how Heard’s legal team sent a letter to her ex-husband’s after she had filed for divorce following a row in May 2016.

The letter made demands of the Pirates of the Caribbean star and promised to “keep this matter out of the spotlight” if the actress’s requests were granted by the actor.

Heard demanded that she continue to live rent free in Depp’s three Los Angeles penthouses that she was staying in with her friends.

The court also heard how the actress demanded the “exclusive use and possession” of his Range Rover, with the Fantastic Beasts actor continuing to pay for it.

Heard also demanded that Depp cover $125,000 of her legal and accounting fees.

The last demand the letter made was that the case be presided over by a private retired judge and the fees split between them.

The letter sent by Heard’s legal team was shown to the court as evidence during the trial.

It comes days after forensic examiner and psychological evaluator Dr. Shannon Curry told the court she believes the actress suffers from histrionic personality disorder and borderline personality disorder.

Dr Curry told the court she gave Heard a psychological evaluation, meeting with her twice and spending a total of 12 hours with her to gather information.

The doctor claimed Heard exhibited symptoms of histrionic personality disorder including “flowery language” but with little substance, and a “quick shift between emotions”.

Explaining the other symptoms she noted in the actress, Dr Curry told the court: “Minimising any personal externalisation of blame; a lot of hostility that is attempted to be controlled.

“A tendency to be self righteous but to judge others critically.”

She went on: “To claim being non-judgemental but really be full of a lot of rage; a lot of inner anger and blame – which can explode out at times; passive aggressive behaviour and self-indulgent and self-centred behaviour; manipulative; needy and seeking approval.

“Being highly socially sophisticated, with a capacity to reveal some of their own faults but only the smaller ones that are socially acceptable.”

She continued to say that Amber was the “36 code type”, which typically includes traits such as “a lot of cruelty, very concerned with their image, very attention seeking and prone to externalising blame to a point where it’s unclear whether they can admit to themselves they have certain responsibilities, a lot of suppressed anger which can explode out and issues within their relationships”.

The psychologist added that “36 code types” are often “terrified of abandonment” and exhibit “explosive anger” when they fear their partner might leave them.

Meanwhile, she added that in borderline personality disorder patients, women will initiate violence in a bid to get hurt, and then use the legal system against their partner.

She used the example of a woman getting a restraining order against their partner, which Heard obtained in 2016.

Heard has not yet taken to the stand; The trial is due to finish in May.

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