Jeremy Clarkson ‘kicked under table’ by partner Lisa for ogling girls

Clarkson’s Farm presenter Jeremy Clarkson, 62, professed his love of Manchester in his latest column and revealed the unusual reason he is so drawn to the city. The former Top Gear host also admitted that ogling scantily-clad women had earned him a stern warning from his girlfriend Lisa Hogan.

In his most recent article, Jeremy wrote: “Over the past five or so years I’ve spent a fair bit of time in Manchester recording Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?. And I have to say, I’ve come to love this city.”

“I love the glitz and the glamour and the way absolutely everyone paints themselves orange before going out at night.”

Jeremy went on to remark on the “solidity of the buildings”, before insisting the city had “more Ferraris and Lamborghinis” than the wealthy city-state of Monaco.

“But I was there last week and it’s obvious that the cost-of-living crisis is really starting to bite,” Jeremy continued jokingly.

“The girls have never really worn much but, in one restaurant I visited, I noticed that many didn’t seem to be wearing anything at all.

“And I kept on noticing until Lisa, my other half, delivered a sharp kick under the table,” he concluded in his article for The Sun.

Jeremy has been dating Irish former model and actress Lisa since 2017 after the pair were introduced by friends at a party.

The Amazon Prime star’s column is followed by the news that Jeremy will no longer be hosting Who Wants to be a Millionaire after ITV made the decision to axe the quiz show.

The show’s cancellation comes after Jeremy was forced to publicly apologise for his vile comments about Meghan Markle in a previous column he wrote for The Sun.

ITV boss Carolyn McCall has confirmed the next series of the show will be its last following the controversy caused by Jeremy’s article.

Speaking at Variety’s International Media Woman of the Year, McCall confirmed: “We have a contract.

“We’re contracted to this [season], so we will do that and then we have no future commitments.”

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She went on to acknowledge Jeremy’s comments about the Duchess of Sussex, explaining: “There was no dissent internally. We came out much quicker than anybody else, Amazon included.

“We just came out and said, ‘Yes, we do not endorse a single word that he said on that. And there’s no place for that on ITV.’

“So we came out very quickly and just said, you know, that wasn’t on ITV but we don’t endorse that in any way. And there’s no place for that on ITV.”

Jeremy received a huge amount of backlash for his article about Meghan, whom he claimed he “hates on a cellular level”.

Moreover, he went on to argue that she should be “paraded through the streets naked” as “lumps of excrement are thrown at her”.

Following the backlash, it was reported that three female celebrities had confirmed they would not take part in the celebrity version of Who Wants to be a Millionaire.

A source told the Mirror: “ITV were left with no choice but to postpone the show. The feelings were made very loud, and very clear.

“Namely that they didn’t want to share a platform with Clarkson and, in doing so, risk being seen to legitimise his misogynistic comments.

“They were appearing on the show to raise money for charity, and they were acutely aware that they didn’t want causes special to their heart to be caught up in any backlash. It was a no-brainer to be honest, they had to walk away.”

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