Jennifer Lopez portrays a deadly assassin in The Mother trailer

Jennifer Lopez displays her incredibly fit physique as she portrays a deadly assassin in the trailer for her latest Netflix film The Mother

Jennifer Lopez showed off her versatile acting range in the newest teaser for her newest Netflix action film called, The Mother. 

The 53-year-old actress portrays the character of a mother and assassin who comes out of hiding in order to protect her estranged daughter. 

The short yet captivating trailer opened up with a shot of a snowy, remote setting surrounded by trees and mist covered hills as a low, suspenseful music played quietly in the background.  

Assassin: Jennifer Lopez showed off her versatile acting range in the newest teaser for her Netflix action film called, The Mother, where she plays an assassin 

The teaser then made a quick cut to Jennifer training and doing pull ups, showing off her toned biceps and midriff. 

The clip continues to show the actress working on her strength, while jumping to her remote living situation in the snow-covered woods. 

Jennifer is then seen sitting in a darkened room with a serious and determined expression on her face, and states, ‘She needs protection right now,’ in reference to her daughter she had given up years earlier. 

Training: The actress, 53, plays the leading role of a deadly assassin who comes out of hiding to protect her estranged daughter from assailants 

Training: A brief clip in the trailer showed the actress doing pull ups to keep up her strength as she lives alone in a remote location

Living alone: Jennifer appears to be live alone in hiding in the woods before she steps out to save her only daughter 

Protector: The trailer then jumped to Jennifer sitting in a dark room, where she could be heard saying, ‘She needs protection right now’ 

The teaser quickly showed the moment when her daughter, played by Lucy Paez, is kidnapped by dangerous assailants in public. 

Jennifer could be seen suddenly stepping on the gas as she sped in a vehicle along a thin strip of road by the water. 

She then told her daughter in a separate scene as they sat in a gloomy restaurant, ‘You saw what was out there.’ 

The trailer’s music continued to build up, showing brief action sequences as Jennifer devoted herself to keep her daughter alive, such as sprinting through busy traffic and leaping off the edge of a building. 

Rushing to safety: Jennifer could be seen in a few action sequences that were briefly shown in the teaser 

Release: The Mother is slated to release on Netflix next year in May 2023

Stunts: The action drama appears to contain a number of thrilling action sequences

As the short teaser began to come to an end, Jennifer could be seen riding a motorcycle along a scenic background as her daughter sat on the back. 

A voice over of the actress was added as she made her way through a layer of snow, and she could be heard stating, ‘If there’s trouble…come find me.’ On the last line, Jennifer turned towards the camera before the screen turned black. 

One of the assailants in the upcoming action thriller, played by Joseph Fiennes, made a brief appearance, building up the tension and suspense. 

Along with Joseph and Lucy, the star-studded and talented cast also includes Gael Garcia Bernal, known for The Motorcycle Diaries (2004) and Disney’s Coco (2017). Pieces Of Her actor, Omari Hardwick, also has a role in the movie as Jennifer’s ally.  

Villain: Joseph Fiennes was cast to portray one of the dangerous assailants in the upcoming film 

Mother daughter duo: Lucy Paez, an up and coming actress, will portray Jennifer’s estranged daughter in The Mother 

The Mother is directed by New Zealand filmmaker, Niki Caro, who also directed the live-action Mulan remake in 2020, and other movies such as The Zookeeper’s Wife (2017). 

Jennifer’s latest action drama comes one year after the actress signed a multi-year deal with Netflix, reported Variety. 

The star is also the founder and CEO of Nuyorican Productions, which the streaming site also has partnered with. At the time of the collaboration, Netflix head of global films, released a statement. 

‘Throughout every aspect of her career, Jennifer Lopez has been a force in entertainment. In partnering with her and Nuyorican, we know she will continue to bring impactful stories, joy and inspiration to audiences around the world,’ he stated, according to Variety. 

The Mother is slated to release on the popular streaming site next year in May 2023.  

‘Come find me’: At the end of the trailer, a voiceover of Jennifer could be heard saying, ‘If there’s trouble…come find me’ 

Businesswoman: Jennifer is the founder and CEO of her own production company called Nuyorican Productions

Various settings: The Mother appears to have a number of different settings, from a remote snowy location, to a desert landscape 

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