Jennifer Lopez cries tears of joy over Biden-Harris win in new video

Jennifer Lopez cries tears of joy as she says she is ‘so happy’ about historic Joe Biden and Kamala Harris election win

Jennifer Lopez is breathing an emotional sigh of relief. 

On Saturday the 51-year-old performer took to Instagram to share her elation that President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris would be stepping into The White House. 

Filming from bed in a purple tank top, JLo could not contain her ‘tears of joy,’ as she spoke about the future to her 133M followers. 

Tears of joy: Jennifer Lopez, 51, is crying ‘tears of joy,’ after learning of President-elect Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’ historic win. The performer took to social media to share her feelings of elation in an emotional video

Holed up under the comforters watching the historic win, she said: 

‘So happy this morning. Echoing the words of everyone saying that we are headed toward a better day, a more united country, I’m just crying tears of joy,’ as she leaned into her emotions.  

‘I hope that we all can come together and love each other and appreciate each other. It’s a new day,’ she said holding back her tears. 

 Emotional rush: Holed up under the comforters watching the historic win, she said she was ‘so happy this morning’ as she leaned into her emotions

 A new day: Trying to urge her 133M followers that a ‘new day’ was upon us, she shared that she was hoping for a more united country

Country pride: After a release of emotion, JLo softened up the video as she gave a brief smile before celebrating the momentous occasion 

Lopez continued to reiterate the words of the newscasters on television as she said:

‘They’re saying it’s time to heal deep wounds and come together. We are the United States of America, the greatest country on this planet,’ before getting choked up again. 

Speaking about Harris’ historic win – the first female and the first Black woman to enter The White House – the mother of two could not help but revel in the momentous occasion. 

Pinning today’s date on her story she said, ‘History is being made today for all little girls who got loud across the world. It is an amazing, amazing day. God bless everybody,’ before signing off. 

Joyous day: Honoring a day that will life in infamy, she continued to talk to the camera as she said, ‘History is being made today’

Girl power:  The mother of two could not help but get choked up at the reality that Harris would be both the first woman and the first Black female to step foot in a presidential White House role

In addition to her story, she also posted a throwback video of herself in concert as she got hyped up about the win.  

She captioned the video, ‘#SHMOOD! PRESIDENT BIDEN!!!!!!! VICE PRESIDENT KAMALA HARRIS!!!!!!’

Later she was seen posting a photo of a latte, as she let a ‘celebratory brunch begin,’ in her household. 

From an early point, she and fiance Alex Rodriguez threw their support behind Biden and Harris, even speaking to the President-elect and his wife Dr. Jill on Instagram. 

‘SHMOOD!’:  Unable to contain her happiness, the Lets Get Loud singer posted a throwback snap from a concert of hers as she got hyped up about the win

Latino vote: Lopez and A-Rod have been very vocal about the importance of the Latino vote in the election, as they spoke with the President-elect and his wife Dr. Jill; pictured October 16th

When asked by Biden about her greatest concern she said, ‘For me, it’s unifying the nation again. Getting rid of this hate.’ 

As a Latina woman, Lopez has been very vocal about the importance of the Latino vote in this monumental election, frequently speaking out about it on social media. 

After their chat in mid October, Biden thanked the power couple for making their voice heard as he tweeted:

‘Thank you for stepping up and speaking out. As Jennifer said: The Latino community has the power to determine the outcome of this election.’

Unifying: When asked by Biden what mattered most to her in the election, she said it was ‘unifying the nation’; October 16th

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