Jennifer Aniston appearing on last episode of The Ellen Show was 'sad'

‘Jennifer Aniston reveals her appearance on the last episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show was very ‘bizarre’ and ‘sad’

Jennifer Aniston had a very heartfelt appearance on the series finale of The Ellen DeGeneres Show.  

The Friends alumna expressed that knowing such a ‘staple’ show had reached its end was a very emotional experience. 

‘I still can’t wrap my head around the fact that that’s it,’ the Just Go With It actress stated in an interview with People. ‘It’s not going to be there anymore, because it was such a staple.’  

Tear-jerking moment: Jennifer Aniston opened up about appearing on The Ellen DeGeneres’s last episode, which aired last month in May

The actress has been on the talk show for a grand total of 20 times, and was not only Ellen’s last guest on the series, but was also the very first guest when the show initially aired in 2003.

Before the two stars began the filming process, the 53-year-old made saw Ellen backstage to have a special moment without any cameras around them. 

‘We made sure we saw each other beforehand so we could get any of that emotion out,’ Jennifer said. 

However, the star explained that working on the last episode, which aired last month in May, was very surreal. ‘It didn’t feel like the last show. It was bizarre.’ 

Big hug: The Friends alum hugged Ellen DeGeneres in an emotional moment after appearing on the talk show for a total of 20 times

The actress surprised Ellen with a gift on the episode which held a very special and heartwarming meaning. 

On the series premiere, Jennifer gave a mat that had Welcome printed on the front. To commemorate all the fun times and hilarious moments on the show, The Morning Show star presented a Thanks For The Memories mat on the last episode. 

‘I’m actually taking that home today,’ DeGeneres stated when Jennifer set the new doormat down on the stage. 

Jennifer got emotional a few times before the show aired its big finale. Last year, when she was a guest, the Golden Globe winner shed a few tears on the topic of the final season taking place. 

‘This is not supposed to be emotional!’ the talented actress stated, dabbing a tissue to soak up a few water drops. 

Making memories: The beauty gave the talk show host a Welcome mat on the first episode of the series, and the last episode she presented a Thanks For The Memories mat

Emotional moments: Last year, Jennifer shed a few tears on the topic of The Ellen DeGeneres Show coming to a close 

‘Even though the world was there before Ellen and now it’ll be there after, she was such a source of entertainment and love and joy and laughter for people,’ Jennifer said to the publication. ‘It’s sad.’ 

The show ran for 19 seasons, receiving 171 Daytime Emmy Award nominations, and won 61 of those nominations. 

Alongside filming the last Ellen Show episode which was a heart-tugging experience, the actress has also been busy working on the sequel, Murder Mystery 2. The comedy is set to be released on Netflix, and also stars the talented actor, Adam Sandler. 

 Filming has taken place abroad in France, and the star discussed her feelings about the proximity to Ukraine.

In an interview with People, she talked about how the country was a  ‘stone’s throw away,’ and that she felt bad for making a comedy at that time.

‘I reminded myself that this is what people need. People want to laugh. People need comedies. People like to not think for a minute,’ the Friends alumna stated.  

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